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Your customers are digital, demanding and empowered. They expect seamless shopping experiences from every device—smartphones, tablets and PCs. Retailers must understand and optimize every digital experience across every channel or risk losing revenue. With Dynatrace application performance management, retailers can utilize Advanced Synthetic and Real User Monitoring to gain deep insight into every user visit, page load sequence, page action, and 3rd party service, from start to finish.  By making real-time information about digital performance visible and actionable for everyone across the business and IT, Dynatrace helps retailers see their applications and digital channels through the lens of their customers. More than 8,000 organizations globally, including 19 of the top 20 North America retailers.

Advanced Synthetic Monitoring enables critical customer journeys to be simulated. These simulations can be individual pages visited along with mouse and keyboard actions, or multi-step transactions that includes steps like authentication. The simulations can take place from either a Backbone perspective, a Last Mile perspective, or both. Real User Monitoring provides insight into how each and every single customer interacts with your application to assess their satisfaction in real-time, identify user behavior patterns quickly, anticipate trends, and respond fast, and to analyze the problems of individual users as well as general problems on specific web pages.

Synthetic Monitoring
Real User & Synthetic Monitoring
5 Reasons You Need Synthetic Monitoring
Real User Monitoring

Dynatrace Real User Monitoring provides insight into your Salesforce Commerce Cloud application performance by monitoring every end customer interaction from start to finish. A Javascript tag is automatically added to each page that captures detailed performance telemetry and passes that data to a cloud based Dynatrace server for analysis and presentation via web-based dashboards (high level overview dashboards aimed at business owners and operations) and through the Dynatrace client (for deep dive diagnostic investigation and resolution by technical teams). Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring is an external SaaS offering that requires no integration Salesforce Commerce Cloud. A script recorder is used to record key transactions that are then played back from your selected browser types and chosen geographies at frequencies you elect

Salesforce Commerce Cloud customers and implementation partners can to take advantage of a free 14-day trial of Dynatrace Advanced Synthetic Monitoring and Real User Monitoring by sending an email to

  • Utilize Advanced Synthetic monitoring, Real User monitoring, or both for maximum coverage and insight
  • Understand the health and availability of 3rd party services and their performance impact on each customer visit
  • Compare customer journeys on web, native-mobile, and hybrid-mobile applications to better understand user behavior and customer experience
  • Track web and mobile apps end-to-end to identify performance hotspots
  • Be alerted to ecommerce application problems before they impact your customers
  • Automated tag injection into each and every page
  • Deep insight into 100% of every customer visit
  • Replay individual customer transactions for rapid problem handling
  • Analyze the problems of individual users as well as general problems on specific web pages
  • Advanced dashboarding, alerting, and reporting, plus the ability to export real user visit data to BI platforms