Shipping & Fulfillment


Expert global eCommerce partner to world's best brands. Simple, safe, fast localization of the entire shopper experience. From local pricing with duty and tax calculations, to optimized checkout, local payments, preferred shipping, customer service and returns, our solution manages the entire shopper journey. Leveraging their existing Commerce Cloud site, retailers can rapidly enter markets with high converting, hyper-localized experiences that drive profitability and growth.

With mature, in-country solutions across North America, Europe and Asia, our platform protects the brand relationship with the shopper at every touchpoint on the shopper journey, and offers full branding, control and flexibility over key propositions such as promotions, checkout messaging, shipping thresholds, pricing strategies and more. And all shopper data remains the property of the brand.

Our global eCommerce experts and active account managers are located around the world, to guide brands in delivering optimal shopper experiences, market by market.  Our deep local shopper knowledge and our suite of reporting and analytical tools give retailers deep insight into what is driving success in each market, with strategic and tactical recommendations on how to maximize performance. 

eShopWorld takes the complexity and uncertainty out of global eCommerce, empowering brands and retailers to Sell Global, Feel Local™.


Integration Overview

Our cartridge emphasizes continuity of a brand's identity and customer experience, allowing design control of product pages, checkout, and the full order confirmation process, including UI and other local brand information. Our simple integration allows localization of all catalog products for localized pricing on product pages, including harmonized tax and duty.

Through our Commerce Cloud cartridge integration, retailers get access to our network of 25+ global carriers, 40+ global hubs, multiple PSPs and acquirers, 40+ payment methods, 100+ currencies, multilingual checkout and much more.

Our cartridge manages our optimized local payment and acquirer options to maximize shopper conversion and satisfaction, with the highest "good customer" retention in the industry. Full choice of optimized local shipping carriers and shipping tiers delivers the best end-customer experience, with more repeat customers and fewer returns.

eShopWorld experts can manage or provide all localizing data and content by market to make brands into instant experts in each new global market.


Integration Features

  • Shopper recognition and local welcome
  • Product localization and pricing with currency conversion, and country restrictions
  • Country-specific pricing rules with multiple options and variations
  • Product Harmonization and Duty & Tax Calculation, pre-payment and drawback
  • Multilingual checkout page
  • Optimum currency conversion and support (50+) with FX protection
  • Optimum preferred payment methods (40+ providers and acquirers)
  • Global shipping optimization with shipping rules and options
  • Fraud protection for retailers and shoppers
  • Marketing and local shopper traffic services