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e-Spirit—maker of the FirstSpirit Digital Experience Platform (DXP) and FirstSpirit hybrid headless CMS—helps retail organizations engage customers and drive sales with content-rich commerce experiences. FirstSpirit helps increase Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) ROI by simplifying creation of content-rich online stores across any channel to deepen engagement and turn customers into lifelong fans. Our multi-site, multi-language and multi-brand content management capabilities add a new dimension of agility and empowerment to SFCC. FirstSpirit's usability and fast time to market empower non-technical SFCC users to easily manage content without using HTML. (e.g., PDP edits, promotions, shoppable images & videos, UGC) In addition, our Intelligent Content Engine unifies data silos for a holistic view of the customer to deliver targeted content throughout the customer journey. These personalized, content-driven commerce experiences compel customers to action for increased revenue.

Global retailers such as ASICS, Belk, Carter’s, Converse, GNC, Reitmans, SIGNA Sports United, TSI and many other SFCC customers rely on FirstSpirit for an e-commerce edge. Offered through a SaaS model, FirstSpirit DXP and hybrid headless CMS have certified integrations with SFCC that make managing commerce content radically simple. e-Spirit also offers a cloud-based Starter Package that helps companies launch online stores with lightning speed for dramatic cost savings and increased time to value.


FirstSpirit Solution Paper

Integration Overview

The FirstSpirit DXP and FirstSpirit hybrid headless CMS seamlessly integrate with Salesforce Commerce Cloud to easily manage your storefront content, with no HTML or development resources required for everyday tasks. e-Spirit's certified out-of-the-box integration helps customers enjoy fast time to market using an optimized Starter Package with ready-to-use content templates. Launch more advanced content experiences by taking advantage of abundantly flexible Velocity templates of the new Content Integration API. Content can be pushed using Velocity templates for full control of the overall page experience, or it can be seamlessly targeted to Content Slots. Your choice. FirstSpirit is an official launch partner for the new Storefront Reference Architecture. The included Starter Package is already preconfigured to work with the Storefront Reference Architecture without any customization. FirstSpirit can also be integrated with virtually any other system or cloud-based service. This can address a broad range of target groups more consistently and efficiently at all touchpoints. Content can be created, re-used and published across multiple channels, brands, languages and sites using intuitive, time-saving processes.

Integration Features

  • Seamless integration into Salesforce Commerce Cloud sites, supporting traditional SiteGenesis-based and future implementations with a focus on “mobile first”.
  • Combine highly visual marketing content with product information seamlessly using a WYSIWYG tool (e.g., shoppable videos and images, shoppable social media streams within commerce pages)
  • Hybrid headless CMS enables direct integration into SF Commerce Cloud while simultaneously supporting content management on any other channel or device using RESTful API and Content as a Service (CaaS). (e.g., progressive web applications, digital signage, chatbot, and voice)
  • Easily create personalized content for your defined customer groups and campaign periods.
  • Fully integrated multi-perspective live preview to control/optimize content and responsive storefront designs.
  • Reuse content, templates, product information and media assets within and across Commerce Cloud sites using drag & drop.
  • Full-featured media asset management with built-in editing tools.
  • Multi-Site-Management and translation support for global brands.
  • Starter package with ready-to-use content templates for faster time to market.
  • Full support of the latest Content Integration API.
  • Create 100% native content assets, slot configurations and velocity templates through user-friendly, intuitive WYSIWYG editing interfaces.