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Founded in Tokyo in 2008, Exchange Corporation ("ExCo") builds financial service platforms for Japan. Leveraging expertise in credit- and big data- analysis technologies, ExCo strives to create simple, easy to use and rewarding customer experiences in its credit, payment and asset management services. ExCo operates Paidy, an e-commerce payment and credit service that allows consumers to quickly and safely purchase products online using only their mobile phone number and email address. It settles a single monthly bill for all their purchases. Payments are securely processed with Paidy Checkout, ensuring a seamless user experience on all mobile and desktop devices.

Integration Overview

Paidy is a payment service based on JavaScript application and Web API based on HTTP protocol. Merchants can easily use Paidy to their EC site by introducing Paidy Cartridge. The JavaScript code would be embedded in the EC site and our Checkout page should be launched. Consumers can complete shopping instantly without leaving the site.

And there is a function to issue tokens for merchants to create payments, so that subscription can also be used. Merchants need to be screened by us and to contract with us.

Integration Features

  • Consumers can shop with their mobile phone number and e-mail address only.
  • Consumers should be authorized at real time.
  • Paidy authorize payments not with credit card behind us.
  • No matter how many times a month consumers shop, they only have to pay one time collectively in the following month.
  • Consumers can pay at convenience store, bank, or with auto debit.
  • Subscriptions are also available.