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Experian Data Quality provides contact data validation solutions that verify and standardize customer contact data in real time. But that's just a part of what we do. Ultimately, we help brands and retailers worldwide ensure that customer data is fit for purpose, the first time around.

With customers entering data from as many channels as they do, ensuring accuracy is no small challenge. Our data quality team will work together with you to make sure our integration runs smoothly and that our solutions work with your success in mind. 
What we bring to you—that is, better customer data—will empower your marketing, increase your checkout conversions, and fuel your ability to make budgets stretch farther. How much is good customer data worth to you?

Data quality is at the heart of every organization—we know this. That is why our solutions ensure bad data never infiltrates your database. Our comprehensive, USPS®- certified Address Verification API eliminates costs associated with wasted postage, returned product, and duplicate records. Any contact data validation necessary occurs right at the point of sale. Our Email Verification API allows you to focus on what matters most: connecting with your customers. By verifying email accuracy, your messages will reach the right people without impacting your sender reputation.

Our product suite is also Salesforce Commerce Cloud-certified, so you know you’re implementing best-of-breed technology into your workflow. Everything you care about, we care about too.

  • Real-time address verification and standardization
  • Real-time email verificaiton
  • Flexible deployment methods to suit any environment
  • International address data support based on postal authority regulations
  • Consultancy services for international integrations
  • Easy-to-implement, easy-to-use technology
  • In-house support dedicated to help you with every step of implementation
  • Access to our email marketing and deliverability experts
  • Top security measures backed by Experian, a leader in data privacy and security
  • Commerce Cloud accreditation