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Shopping Cart Abandonment
Fanplayr brings retailers the power to precisely target shoppers in real time, driving incremental revenue and profits by ensuring the most timely, relevant user experience for each of your shoppers. Personalized content, banners, messaging or offers are built and edited in Fanplayr's Creative Builder, satisfying your meticulous design standards. Independent testing has shown Fanplayr reliably creates revenue per visit lifts over 20% in targeted segments, and increases customer acquisition by 13%. How do we do it? First, by uniquely identifying each site visitor, Fanplayr combines shopping and purchase history with onsite behavioral attributes in the most robust rules engine in the business. Over 100 rules (such as timing, cart values and contents, geography, device type, traffic source, restricted brands...)  define high and low converting groups of visitors and allow appropriate targeting of each segment.  Vary your content to each segment and measure the results with Fanplayr's powerful analytics tools, AB Testing and Offer Testing. Top and Bottom Line will shine with Fanplayr's approach to online content.
The Transformation of Retailing
Fanplayr’s Salesforce Commerce Cloud LINK Partner cartridge is easy to integrate with a single tag, and small changes to using either Pipelines or Controllers. Once integrated all administration is done through the portal. Please contact Fanplayr to set up an account to link to your store.
  • Simple single template tag integration
  • Tracks commerce specific attributes and conversions, no tagging required
  • Display offers to your users, or dynamically created content to display
  • Use Session Offers to give offers to only that user