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Fat Zebra

Fat Zebra are a scalable global payments partner where security, reliability and a great user experience comes first. We're internet economy believers, with a mission to build a payments ecosystem for our customers to thrive.

We take on today’s challenges to make the internet economy uncomplicated; enabling the growth of global commerce in one solution. Our customers are everyone and anywhere; that’s the internet. We’ve been our own customer from day one. We know what works and what doesn’t. We’ve built relationships and tech across every experience that allow us to realise payments with immediacy and accuracy. Securely is just a given.

We’re not the flashy front-end experience. We proudly accelerate ambitions behind the scenes as we know money in the bank allows opportunity and is where the real value is.

Integration Overview

Fat Zebra is a certified Commerce Cloud partner. Fat Zebra’s cartridge creates simplicity to accepting online payments with modern REST API's and leading technology that enables growth and adapts to any business, industry or shopper journey.

Fat Zebra is Tier 1 PCI-DSS compliant and protects your data to the highest industry standards and requirements.

Integration Features

  • PCI DSS L1 via host iFrame
  • Simple Rest API 
  • Advanced Fraud Tools 
  • Tokenization
  • Lowest cost routing
  • Multi-Currency Support