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Fit Analytics' machine-learning platform helps the world's best apparel companies solve sizing, sell smarter, and turn data into actionable insight. Leading companies such as ASOS, Calvin Klein, The North Face, and JD Sports trust the platform to help them provide a better shopping experience for users while increasing conversions and reducing returns. The platform supplies over 250 million unbeatably accurate sizing recommendations worldwide per month with 99.99% uptime, is fully localized in over 20 languages, and has coverage of over 10 million apparel items across more than 17,000 brands.

By integrating the Fit Finder size advisor in your Product Detail Pages, you'll give shoppers who are uncertain about fit an easy and accurate way of getting a truly personalized sizing recommendation that's proven to significantly outperform traditional static size charts. Fit Finder is a truly omnichannel solution optimized to solve sizing for shoppers wherever they happen to buy clothes: mobile, desktop, native app, or even in-store. Having installed Fit Finder, you'll also benefit from access to the wider suite of data-driven products the Fit Analytics sizing platform enables, including detailed business intelligence reports.
Fit Finder integration is simple and straightforward with full QA and all the heavy lifting being carried out by Fit Analytics. Your development team doesn't have to write a single additional line of code to get up and running.

Please note, you will need to be an existing Fit Analytics client in order to integrate via cartridge. To get started, simply verify that the Fit Analytics platform supports your assigned shop name, and then download the cartridge to install. The Fit Finder size advisor will then be automatically deployed on your Product Detail Pages.
  • Localized in over 20 languages.
  • Constantly updated support for all major browsers and mobile devices.
  • Coverage of over 10 million products across more than 17,000 brands.
  • Support for male, female, and kids clothing and footwear across all fashion verticals.
  • Support for all major shop systems and tag managers.
  • White label solution easily customizable to match your existing branding.
  • Support for Product Recommendations to drive additional discovery.
  • Daily dashboard reporting of of all Fit Finder-related purchases.
  • Instant recommendations for a friction-free return user experience.
  • Direct add-to-cart integration for a smooth path to purchase.