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Specializing in distributed order management and focusing on the customer and staff experience, the Fluent Orchestration Cloud as the leading orchestration platform, is lightweight, highly scalable and natively cloud. With flexible intuitive tooling that easily orchestrates complex business processes, business users can fully orchestrate inventory, locations, shipping and orders. The orchestration of omni-channel orders and returns across distribution centers and store networks is automated, whether you want to edit or cancel orders, view transactions and payments, process refunds, track and trace orders or manage partial shipments.

The pre-built functionality and a modular approach means you can be up and running quickly. In store tooling allows store associates to manage deliveries, fulfilment of orders, customer collections and returns without complication. Innovate at the pace of the customer and be infinitely more profitable with Fluent’s In-Store Pickup, Ship from Store, Omni-Channel Returns & Smart Fulfilment solutions. Having a true single view of inventory, offering personalised fulfilment and enabling multiple fulfilment options for endless aisle is now a reality. Exceed your customers’ expectations by providing a faster, superior and convenient range of shopping options and out-convenience the competition. Customers of Fluent Commerce include; JD Sports, Woolworths, Big W, Samsung, Oroton, Bras N Things, MJ Bale, Australia Post and Target.

The cartridge will allow: order data integration between the storefront and Fluent Commerce, job to re-try and failed order push operations in the background, store locator integration for Pick Up in Store functionality, and Business Manager visibility for errors and order push status, including order ID from Fluent Commerce and Store ID (for collect in store).  Fluent Connectors also allow easy integration into your product pages and checkout. Order Sync can be enabled via the Site Preference. Once activated, Order data will be passed to Fluent via a real-time HTTPS API call. If Order Updates feature is enabled, Fluent updates will be fetched in real-time and be displayed on the Order History. Order updates are not persisted on the storefront, rather they are pulled via the API call each time the page is rendered. The Store Locator component is a self-contained widget which allows for store selection and inventory checking. Stores and inventory for this component are sourced entirely from Fluent. This component is embedded in the Checkout – Shipping page. When a store is selected, the shipping address will pre-populate with the address details of the selected store.
  • Order integration between the Storefront and the Fluent Orchestration Cloud.
  • Order history views with real-time updates from Fluent Commerce including fulfilment updates.
  • Checkout integration with the Fluent Store Locator Widget.
  • Store Locator widgets and real-time inventory APIs allow customers to view product availability by store and easily select their preferred pick-up location.
  • Fluent Connectors simplifies store selection and inventory checking.
  • Features can be enabled/disabled as required via site preferences as integration requirements may vary.
  • Fully configurable via the Business Manager Site Preferences.
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