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Fluent Commerce

Fluent Commerce’s cloud-native distributed order management system is different. Fluent Order Management is the first cloud platform that can be customized to fit your unique omnichannel strategy. This means you can offer all the fulfillment options customers expect, but also keep the processes that make your business unique. That way, you can differentiate your Click & Collect (or Buy Online Pickup In-Store), Ship from Store, Omnichannel Returns and Customer Service experiences, so you stand out from the competition. And, because the platform is so flexible, you can adapt quickly as customer preferences change.

Fluent Order Management lets you see all your stock in all locations for a single view of inventory. This means you can show customers what’s available before the ‘buy button’ so they’re more likely to complete the sale. The Fluent platform also lets you orchestrate and manage orders across locations, channels, and partners, so you can optimize fulfillment for fast delivery, customer experience, and profitability. Built for the cloud, Fluent Order Management lets you scale as needed, anywhere around the globe, and be confident in your ability to handle growth. Also, the platform’s strong features and flexible API architecture let you roll out quickly for a faster return on investment.

Integration Overview

The Fluent Order Management Cartridge for Salesforce Commerce Cloud provides faster integration to support complex omnichannel fulfillment requirements and an enhanced customer experience.

The connector integrates both inventory and order data between your ecommerce storefront and the Fluent Order Management platform. This means you can show customers accurate delivery estimates and in-store pickup availability on your product pages, so they are more likely to complete a sale. It also lets you display accurate order status with real-time updates, to keep your customers informed, and help reduce support calls.

The cartridge also integrates with Fluent Order Management Global Inventory to enable and enhance click & collect customer journeys. Specifically, it allows easy integration with your product pages and checkout processes so customers can view pickup options and select their preferred option. In addition, the cartridge allows order updates to be displayed in real-time. To ensure accurate results, the cartridge automatically reattempts any failed order management operations.

Integration Features

  • Manage what’s available to sell including buffer/safety stock, pooled inventory, etc. 
  • Show customers what’s available to promise on the product page (including stock from distribution centers, stores, 3PLs, drop shippers, etc.) 
  • Display in-store collection availability on the product details page or during checkout 
  • Allow customers to view product availability by store and easily select their preferred pickup location (for Click & Collect orders) 
  • Optimize fulfillment based on your business rules (fastest delivery, lowest cost, most profitable, etc.) 
  • Display order history with real-time updates from the Fluent Order Management platform. 
  • Enable and disable features as required via Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s site preferences.