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Forter provides fully automated and highly accurate real-time fraud decisions, eliminating rules, scores and manual reviews. That’s an instant approve or decline decision for every transaction, covered by a full fraud chargeback guarantee. We call it Decision as a Service®. With Forter’s exceptional accuracy, online merchants experience increased approvals, a smoother checkout experience, and the near elimination of false positives - meaning more sales and happier customers at a much lower cost. Full automation means scale is no longer a problem, even during the busiest of seasons. Forter's solution also offers the option for account-level insights, such as identifying referral abuse, coupon abuse, and account takeover.

It’s all possible because of our “Integrated Intelligence” - the powerful combination of Artificial Intelligence with the constant research and analysis of our team of human experts. This allows us to maximize the potential of “big data” while also keeping ahead of today’s sophisticated fraudster ecosystem and their new techniques and attacks.Forter has received a number of prestigious industry awards for innovation and excellence, including American Business Awards, International Business Awards, Golden Bridge Awards, Innovator Awards, Best Fraud Prevention (Florin Awards) and Best Mobile Solution (CNP Awards, Customer Choice). Forter has also been named a Deloitte Rising Star and a Gartner Cool Vendor. 

Integration Overview

Integrating Forter's LINK cartridge into your Salesforce Commerce Cloud store is easy. Once you have an account with Forter and have received Forter's API credentials, simply install the plugin, and configure the settings as outlined in the documentation. Customizing the settings during setup allows the retailer to set up defaults for where Forter will work within the payment flow, what automatic responses should be sent in cases of declines, whether the cartridge should autocapture funds etc. Once integrated, Forter's system, which is based on machine learning refined by human expertise, will automatically begin to tailor itself to your unique risk profile, using first historical data and then new incoming data. Accurate from Day 1, it will become even more attuned to your needs and those of your customers over time. If you would like to know more, an integration document is available upon request.

Integration Features

  • 100% automated - absolutely no manual reviews.
  • 100% real-time approve/decline fraud decisions for every transaction.
  • 100% guaranteed - all approved transactions are covered by a full fraud charge back guarantee.
  • 100% scalable: The only solution to scale automatically for the holiday season, sales, or explosive growth - because it doesn't rely on time-consuming manual review.
  • Decision as a Service™ - Forter provides the only fully automated solution with instant, guaranteed fraud decisions for every transaction.
  • Insights into individual transactions via the Forter Decision Dashboard.
  • Insights into fraud, customer and business trends via the Forter Decision Dashboard.
  • Option for account-level fraud-related insights e.g. identifying referral fraud, coupon abuse, account takeovers.


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