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Freckle IoT is the global leader in multi-touch, offline attribution covering traditional and online media verticals.

Freckle IoT is the global leader in multi-touch, offline attribution. Our proprietary cross-device solution supports all media verticals, including social, search, out of home, TV and radio. Using opted-in, first-part data, Freckle IoT helps brands measure the effectiveness of their advertising by independently matching media spend to in-store visits while remaining media agnostic.

With the addition of Freckle IoT, Salesforce Commerce Cloud customers can now fully track the end-to-end performance of marketing campaigns through to purchase. Customers can easily append the Freckle IoT pixel to their campaigns and monitor clear ROI of marketing efforts from online to offline and back to eCommerce purchases.
  • Measure those who have been on your website and then visited a location/store
  • Measure those who have been to your location/store and purchased a product on your website
  • Determine conversion rates of consumers online
  • Determine the percent of people who browse in a location/store then purchase online
  • Determine lift analysis