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FullStory is a session replay tool that captures and indexes every single user session on your site making it searchable and replay-able. With replay you can see every click and scroll, every swipe and tap, and every pause and distraction. From thrashing mouse movements to frustrating "Rage Clicks," FullStory records it so you can play it back, understand it, and use that knowledge to improve your customer experience.

With FullStory on your Salesforce Commerce Cloud site, you'll be able to  see your customer's journey from beginning to bounce, click to conversion, and everything in between. FullStory gives your e-commerce business definitive answers about your customer's experience online - making it easy to see how to improve conversion, fix bugs and offer better support.
FullStory's integration with Commerce Cloud makes it easy to get FullStory installed on your Commerce Cloud store. The FullStory platform allows for users to better understand how consumers use their site. Simply hook into any Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform with the int_fullstory cartridge. The Commerce Cloud integration allows Commerce Cloud users to get FullStory deployed on their site quickly with very little coding or engineering time required.

The integration will automatically pass unique IDs, email addresses, and first name / last name for customers who have an account with your Commerce Cloud store.  The FullStory cartridge is compatible as of Commerce Cloud 17.8, and supports both pipelines and controllers. Future versions should also remain compatible.
  • Deploy FullStory's recording snippet across all pages of your Commerce Cloud site.
  • Automatically pass unique IDs, email addresses, and first name/last name for customers who have an account with your Commerce Cloud store.