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Fusion Factory has built Comestri, an award winning SaaS platform that offers retailers, merchants, manufacturers and distributors a Commerce Hub combining Product Information Management with Data Orchestration and Channel Management.

Comestri allows for automatic, end-to-end data integration with back-end systems across the supply chain, providing seamless connectivity with ERP/POS, WMS, CMS, Catalogue Production and Supplier applications to ensure data consistency. Comestri consolidates all product data within a centralised database repository, avoiding manual data processing and duplication in separate systems.

The Product Information Management (PIM) allows users to enrich and enhance the data and then publish the product information into multi-channel eCommerce environments.

Comestri seamlessly connects with leading eCommerce platforms, online marketplaces, affiliates and shopping comparison sites for quick onboarding and set up of different marketing channels, including many marketplaces like Amazon, Google, eBay, Facebook etc.

With the addition of the Comestri Salesforce Commerce Cloud LINK cartridge customers can unify and centralise their product data, map their product information to the specific data demands of individual channels and sell in a way that their customers will always have access to consistent data that will in turn build brand confidence.

Integration Overview

Comestri integrates to Salesforce Commerce Cloud using the OCAPI and standard Impex data exchange formats. We have also created custom export feeds to access data that is not included in the standard Impex files.

The Comestri LINK cartridge exposes RESTful endpoints to allow Business Manager import or export jobs to be triggered on demand. This allows data to be imported or exported without waiting for scheduled jobs.

Integration Features

  • Product catalogue data
  • Short and long descriptions
  • Features and attributes
  • Categorization
  • Media – images, videos, technical data sheets
  • Marketplace specific data
  • Mapping of categories, features and attributes
  • Customer Order data
  • Publishing & Listing rules (price, shipping, category, inventory)
  • Pricing and Promotions