Content Management Systems

We are a fast growing tech company based in Bologna that operates throughout the national market. In our 10 years of experience our main focus has always been to bring our clients' business to the center, helping them with appropriate technological solutions that bring tangible benefits.

In our experience we have therefore had the opportunity to work with market leaders in various fields, from fashion, to automotive, to banking, industry and GDO. In all these areas, technological support has always had clear and quantifiable impacts on the business, increasing revenue and customer satisfaction. Our focus is the creation of ad hoc path that implement enabling technologies (mobile - ecommerce - cms - analytics and marketing automation) that allow us to create an innovative and engaging experience for our customers.

The GetConnected cartridge for Salesforce Commerce Cloud has the purpose to smooth and ease the information flow among a Mobile app, a Clienteling app and Commerce Cloud advanced customization settings.

Our product boosts the benefits of any Salesforce Commerce implementation by layering the GetConnected Mobile Framework onto your existing ecommerce site. It turns your Commerce Cloud installation ready for Omnichannel Marketing and for full expression of the Mobile potential of your business. Moreover we are capable to work with leading technology providers: from real-time enterprise API integrations to proximity and loyalty.

  • Real-time API Integrations - feature real-time online and multi-store stock information
  • Customer Profile Integration - omnichannel wishlist, notes, preferences, purchase history, Identity&Access Manager Integration
  • Content Management System Integration - full control of the look and feel of all apps, scheduling content and aligning with in-store and website communications.
  • Push Notification - native notification features available for support personalized experiences based on user groups, location, store proximity, loyalty status. Marketing automation notifications triggered by abandoned carts.
  • Loyalty Integration: personalization and integration of loyalty schemes such as coupons, gift card, promo codes.
  • Assisted Selling / Endless Aisle Integration - inventory lookup, product details, Buy on Behalf feature. Associates share suggestions and links to buy and get credit for the sale.
  • Assisted Selling / POS Integration - MPOS Mobile Point of Sale, Buy Online Pickup In-Store (BOPIS) and viceversa.
  • Shopping Experience Team -  full support and best practice consultancy advice in ecommerce manager through our team focusing on the improvement of the shopping experience of your customers.