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Global-e is the leading provider of end-to-end cross-border solutions for retailers and brands. We are the chosen partner for dozens of leading brands worldwide. 

Global-e simplifies cross-border eCommerce for merchants while offering a seamless local shopping experience to their international shoppers. Our leading technology solution is backed by our unrivalled knowledge, international market insights and our multiple installed commerce cloud merchants. Via our certified commerce cloud cartridge integration, merchants can offer their international shoppers a fully localized shopping experience and seamlessly boost their international online sales in more than 200 destinations worldwide. We handle every aspect of your cross-border sales, removing all friction points to sell globally. Our comprehensive solution supports localized pricing and 60+ local currencies, 50+ different payment methods, localized multi-lingual checkout, multiple shipping options, convenient domestic returns, local duty and tax calculation and pre-payment options. We also handle risk of fraud and hedge currency fluctuation, providing our merchants a simple, risk-free experience, making cross-border sales as simple as domestic ones. By localized the customer shopping experience, using our commerce cloud cartridge, our clients enjoy a significant increase in international sales conversion rates leading to accelerated cross-border growth and higher customer satisfaction.

Integration Overview

Our certified commerce cloud cartridges enable configuration of all of Global-e's system behavior based on the merchant’s needs and preferences including: list of serviced countries, pricing and price-rounding rules, shoppers’ registration, checkout options and many other features.

Global-e’s cartridge overwrites the pricing displayed throughout the storefront according to a set of rules mandated by Global-e’s services and merchant-specific configurations, including currency exchange rates, country coefficients and VAT handling (+ EU distance selling compliance and handling of products having reduced/zero local VAT). Domestic users continue to interact with the original merchant’s site without activating the cartridge. The implementation of the cartridge into your Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform is simple and includes a few steps: import all provided metadata to your Business Manager, set up a merchant account by Global-e, change templates storefront according with our provided references, configuring the cartridge in Business Manager and finally, configure and run data caching scheduled jobs. Our experienced technical commerce cloud developers team supports the implementation process and provide merchant’s technical teams support through the entire process.

Integration Features

  • Multiple local currencies support (60+ currencies)
  • Country-specific pricing rules or local price files usage 
  • Worldwide marketing research and insights
  • Zero fraud and currency fluctuation risk
  • Support commercial and regulatory country restrictions
  • Simple VAT and distance selling regulation compliance
  • Tax and import duty calaulation and pre-payment
  • Local alternative payment methods (50+ payment methods)
  • Configurable localised welcome message
  • Full support for international registered customers
  • Multilingual checkout page
  • Advanced logistics and shipping (outbound and inbound), including address validation