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At Global Payments, we make merchants' lives easier by enabling them to accept payments globally. We deliver multichannel payment technology and software solutions, built on customer insight that enables merchants to meet changing demands, optimizing the payment experience and maximizing sales revenues. Through software-driven insights, we deliver payment solutions that are market-specific, adding true value with a best-in-class service as standard.

Global Payments offers local insights to help merchants expand into new markets, by accepting payments in 54 countries across 5 continents worldwide. Ranked in Forbes' Top 50 of 'The World's Most Innovative Companies', Global Payments creates payment experiences that are one step ahead of changing demands, optimizing the payment experience for end users while simplifying payments for merchants worldwide. This extension is compatible with the Realex Gateway & Heartland.

The Global Payments Ecommerce solution fully empowers an omni-channel experience and empowers merchants to sell beyond borders, personalized to customers historic shopping preferences across the globe. With a simple integration retailers will get instant access to a wide range of solutions including fraud management, card storage and alternative payment methods to maximize customer conversion.

Optimize Conversion & Acceptance - Maximize conversion by accepting over 130 currencies, with 16 settlement currency options. What’s more, Global Payments provides over 120 local payment methods worldwide. Minimize Fraud -  Our inbuilt fraud management solution helps you to monitor, manage and minimize fraud and chargebacks with instant access to 30+ fraud checks to hold or block suspicious transactions.  In addition, Decision Manager can perform over 260 global validation checks based on over 60 billion transactions. Reduce Costs - The Hosted Payment Solution provides easy access to the full range of Global Payments features  For loyal customers, we help you to enable repeat and one-touch payments, without the need to manage stored cards. Local payment methods and fraud checks such as 3D Secure can also be enabled with no additional merchant development or configuration.

  • Worldwide Payment Processing in over 140 currencies
  • 120+ Local & Alternative Payment Methods
  • Fraud Management Checks (AVS, CVN, IP Address)
  • Fraud Management Tools (Auto-Hold, Auto-Block, Release)
  • Device Fingerprinting & Decision Manager Integration
  • 3D Secure
  • Transaction Life-Cycle Management (Capture, Multi-Capture, Refund, Void)
  • Hosted PCI Payment Solution
  • Dynamic Currency Conversion
  • Hosted PCI Card Storage & Account Updater Solution
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