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We work with our clients’ staff to ensure commerce solutions and cartridges are successfully implemented and integrated with existing business-critical applications. To this end, Guided PRODUCT FINDER can be further enhanced and customized, upon request, to fit your business’ unique requirements.

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Guided PRODUCT FINDER Brochure

Integration Overview

Guided PRODUCT FINDER is a highly customizable product recommendation cartridge which helps online merchants assist shoppers in determining exactly what products are most suitable for them.

This Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA) compatible cartridge removes any friction in the selection stage of the purchase process, helps to guide shoppers by offering personalized recommendations and reduces the amount of returns because your customers are certain they’ve chosen the right item.

Guided PRODUCT FINDER is suitable for diverse industries including apparel and footwear, automotive and car parts, ticketing and entertainment, retail and any others who want to personalize their online shop's user experience. Simplify the path to purchase and leave customers with a positive impression of your brand by offering them a quiz to determine their style, what product fits their needs, what event should they go to next, or help them with any other shopping decision they find difficult to take. It is easy to configure it in Business Manager and helps you build question flows according to structured logic. Adding a quiz widget on your website to assess your customers’ preferences and recommend the most suitable products is a way to simplify and personalize the shopping experience.

Integration Features

  • Quiz Widget - After creating the quiz in Business Manager, it also appears on the online shop storefront. 
  • Visual Components - The quiz includes visual components (images), which can be added to questions or answers. 
  • Quiz Flow - Merchants can choose between two types of quizzes: A linear flow (where the previous question doesn't affect the following questions, and gathers all answers at the end) or A decision-based flow (where a question influences the next question displayed, or the answer). 
  • Single or Multiple-Choice Answers - Merchants can set questions with single or multiple-choice answers. 
  • Multiple Languages - Merchants have the option to create quizzes in multiple languages set in Business Manager. 
  • Embedded in Various Pages - The cartridge can be embedded on various pages of the online shop. 
  • Customized Quizzes - Merchants can customize the appearance of the quiz and edit every piece of content within the quiz, such as changing colors, moving the buttons around, and changing the question labels. 
  • One Product Recommendation - Merchants can map a single product to appear as the recommended product at the end of the quiz. 
  • Multiple Product Recommendations - Merchants can map multiple products as the quiz result, exponentially increasing recommendation flexibility.