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HiConversion enables customer powered e-commerce. Unlike traditional testing and personalization solutions that ‘push’ new experiences to customers, we enable your customers to ‘pull’ what they prefer. HiConversion is used by the world's best known brands and it is the foundation of their sustainable revenue growth and the source of their deep customer knowledge. The following are the most unique customer experience optimization capabilities:

Adaptive- Why: e-Commerce is like the stock market. Buyer demand and sentiment is always changing. What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. Answer: HiConversion has developed technology that detects and adapts to visitor preferences in real time to deliver sustainable results. Whole experience- Why: competing solutions treat each campaign or site change as an independent activity. This creates fragmentation of the customer experience and inaccurate results. Answer: HiConversion simultaneously optimizes across multiple campaigns and the entire buying journey. That produces directly measurable end-to-end results and accurate attribution. CX Analytics- Why: Other solutions do not integrate testing and personalization data sets with web analytics. That limits the analysis and customer knowledge. Answer: HiConversion embeds testing and personalization date sets into its own rich web analytics. This enables actionable analysis and strategic customer knowledge.

Integration Overview

Head to the Universal Tag Integration page for easy steps on installing HiConversion to Salesforce Commerce Cloud:https://www.hiconversion.com/universal-tag-integration/

Integration Features

  • General: client site tag for data capture and the client-side page modification
  • Web Analytics: no need for custom tagging - fully productized Commerce Cloud specific data tracking
  • CX Analytics: all testing and personalization data sets are embedded into rich web analytics data
  • Custom tracking: additional events, goals, data captures are provisioned via HiConversion admin - no tagging
  • Insights: charts designed to answer key business questions
  • Testing: from simplest A-B to the most complex adaptive, multi-page, multivariate capability
  • Personalization: from the simplest targeting to the adaptive personalization
  • Algorithms: self learning - adapting to visitor preferences in real time
  • Pricing: free account, free initial use, pay-as-you-go thereafter