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IdyaFlow Marketplace Connector

IdyaFlow is a SAAS turnkey marketplace solution, fully integrated with Salesforce Commerce Cloud® giving you the ability to efficiently onboard third-party suppliers, grow your product catalog, and manage customer experience.

You can easily onboard and manage third-party suppliers to give your customers maximum freedom in choosing and searching for the best suppliers and products. With this easy one-click integration, you get your marketplace up and running quickly and ready to scale. One platform with all the marketplace features you need to build, manage, and scale your business.


IdyaFlow Quick Launch Solution

Integration Overview

IdyaFlow Marketplace Connector for Salesforce integrates the Salesforce Commerce Cloud® solution with IdyaFlow Marketplace platform to support third-party suppliers onboarding, manage centralized product catalogs and track orders seamlessly.

This integration has been natively designed for Salesforce Commerce Cloud® to reduce the time cost, and effort to integrate an online marketplace into your existing eCommerce site. The built-in data synchronization across your Salesforce Commerce Cloud® and the IdyaFlow Marketplace Platform will give you a single integrated view of your marketplace ecosystem. Our knowledge of the needs of the retail industry and the Salesforce platform will make us your ideal innovation partner to handle the ever changing customer expectations.

Integration Features

  • Ability to easily transform your Salesforce eCommerce site into an online marketplace and partner with third-party suppliers.
  • Ability to manually create third-party suppliers on Commerce Cloud and sync back to IdyaFlow Marketplace Platform.
  • Ability to onboard third-party supplier on the IdyaFlow Marketpalce platform and synch back to Commerce Cloud.
  • Ability to sync products created on IdyaFlow Marketplace platform by third-party suppliers onto Commerce Cloud.
  • Ability to manage mixed shopping carts in Salesforce that can include products sold by you and multiple supplier partners.
  • Ability to manage product information, inventory and prices on IdyaFlow Marketplace Platform and sync the same onto Commerce Cloud.
  • Ability to manage Order lifecycle from creation to fulfillment on IdyaFlow platform and sync the results with storefront commerce cloud sites.