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Great images and videos are the best way to showcase your product, online store and brand story. But it can be technically challenging to deliver high-quality and consistent visual media across different user devices, locations, and bandwidth environments.

Trusted by many of the Fortune 500 brands, imgix provides end-to-end visual media solutions that deliver the best user experience, website performance, and technical simplicity. imgix offers robust visual optimization, global content delivery, and intelligent media management.

With imgix, your users get the best visual media experience on the web, mobile app, or third-party sites. You can achieve fast and reliable website performance that drives user engagement, SEO, and business growth. imgix connects to your media library of choice, so all your teams share one single source of truth, making collaboration easy and efficient.

Integration Overview

imgix is the powerful end-to-end visual media solution that delivers the best user experience, website performance, and business growth. The combined power of Commerce Cloud and imgix provides more Simplicity, Speed, and Style to your website and application.

Make your Commerce Cloud site even more powerful with simple image optimization and transformation by imgix.

Through the imgix integration, product images will be rendered using imgix's image optimization pipeline, ensuring more performant and higher quality images. Additionally, image assets from the imgix platform, and by extension from Cloud Storage buckets, can be inserted into Page Designer quickly and easily, via the imgix Image Manager.

Integration Features

  • Our intelligent and easy UI allows E-Commerce managers, designers, and marketers to directly search, browse, select images for use in Page Designer.
  • Apply imgix transformations and optimizations to your images all within Page Designer, ensuring the most performant images are delivered to your customers.
  • Seamlessly leverage the power of imgix optimizations and transformations with Products without having to upload images to another storage source.