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Impact Radius is transforming the way advertisers handle media and performance marketing partnerships. Our natively integrated suite of products enables digital brands and agencies to maximize their return on global ad spend by providing a single trusted view into the consumer journey from ad impression through acquisition - across all devices and channels. The platform drives revenue growth for global companies through the automation of critical marketing workflows, built-in ad fraud protection and real-time delivery of actionable insights.

We help affiliate marketers to manage ALL their revenue generating partnerships (not just traditional affiliates) by providing the next generation of Performance Marketing. In addition, cross-channel markters use our Marketing Intelligence platform to gather, cleanse and normalize all their marketing data in one place. Marketers and supply side ad platforms use our Forensiq fraud protection to eliminate fraud and ensure ad viewability along every part of the marketing funnel. With fully cleansed data, our customers can more accurately analyze their buyer journey and attribute credit appropriately to maximize their return on ad spend and optimize their performance-based relationships. 

The technical integration is typically the most complicated part of any new vendor onboarding. But if your website already runs on the Commerce Cloud platform, you can deploy our universal tracking and conversion tags more easily via our certified Commerce Cloud cartridge.

Affiliate/Performance Programs
Integrating our conversion tag via the cartridge drastically reduces your technical onboarding time and gets you up and running faster. In addition, you can easily sync your products with your Impact Radius account, so your partners have immediate access to updated product feeds. 

Marketing Intelligence Users
This cartridge places our universal referral and conversion tag directly on your website, so your tech team does not have to place it through a tag manager. Since tag managers can inhibit the firing of a tag, this direct integration allows for more accurate tracking of your buyer journey. In turn, this feeds cleaner data to your attribution model and leads to more accurate media optimization. In addition, our Commerce Cloud integration lets you seamlessly distribute your product listing ads to multiple destinations (comparison shopping engines, social and paid search product listings, marketplaces, affiliate networks) and sync them in real-time.

  • Facilitates technical onboarding
  • Facilitates automatic distribution and sync of product ads between Commerce Cloud and revenue-generating partners
  • Facilitates automatic distribution and sync of product ads between Commerce Cloud and media vendors