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Product Information Management

inRiver is the leader in simplifying Product Information Management (PIM) by putting the power in the hands of the user, enabling omni-channel commerce professionals to visually manage product information. inRiver is fast to implement and easy to use, radically simplifying the creation, maintenance, and distribution of product information to multiple sales channels in multiple languages. 200+ customers around the world rely on inRiver’s platform as their engine for driving the PIM process for their globally recognized brands. inRiver is  growing rapidly and our success lies in the simplicity of our solution, the scalability of the software, the speed of implementation providing results quickly, and the fact that our products are easy to use, highly visual, and user-driven.
inRiver has developed a seamless integration with the Salesforce Commerce Cloud using the extensive inRiver API. The result is the inRiver Connector for Commerce Cloud. By using the connector, data from the flexible inRiver marketing model can be directly transferred to the Commerce Cloud platform and used to populate any sales initiative with enriched, high quality data, and marketing information. The interaction between the systems is an integrated process in which the strengths of the inRiver platform are used to optimize customer shopping through the Commerce Cloud experience.
  • Fast and easy to deploy
  • XML format for secure data transfers
  • Incremental data updates only and media files is only sent the first time and on update
  • Changes made in one place for data consistancy
  • Monitor connector status from inRiver Connect (including error monitoring)