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RCI Global Services is an APAC Leading Retail consulting and IT Innovation service provider specialized in omnichannel Retail. Our organization is structured along 3 service lines – Omnichannel consulting, System Integrator and Order Management Expert for the APAC region. OMS.Pro is an Order Management System developed by RCI Global Services, which can be highly customizable to adapt different regional situations, allowing you to precisely fulfil your customers orders throughout the entire purchasing journey and deliver on your customers promise, simultaneously building a friendly efficient omnichannel shopping experience and supporting you to provide the most reliable after-sale service for your customers.

Globally, we have 55 people based in 5 offices in Asia  - Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Seoul, Singapore and Phnom Penh. At RCI Global Services, we are committed to building a better working world – with increased trust and confidence in business, sustainable growth, development of talent in all its forms, and greater collaboration.



Integrator for OMS Pro - Enable Omnichannel Excellence
Integrator for OMS Pro - One Pager
OSF’s Integrator for OMS Pro is a cartridge that facilitates the integration between OMS Pro, RCI Global Services's order management system and omnichannel platform for the APAC region, and Salesforce Commerce Cloud, enabling a full omnichannel experience and reducing the time required for developing an omnichannel project. The cartridge assists businesses in making both omnichannel and unified commerce a reality. Stock management, order processing, and returns are streamlined, and data synchronization is a reality with a 360-degree view of customer data being synced with all the details of their order history and returns. Service agents will now have the tools to track orders at every stage — from payment through to delivery. Integrator for OMS Pro ensures that companies can better leverage relevant data to provide better service and support to consumers and extends the functionality of  Site Genesis by allowing merchants to configure Jobs that will run automatically at specific time intervals to import/export information of catalog/price/customer/order/inventory.
  • Integrates OMS Pro with Salesforce Commerce Cloud.
  • Unifies and synchronizes data in real time between the two platforms.
  • Offers better management of external warehouse stock (shows on the ecommerce website if a product is in stock) by synchronizing all 3 environments: external warehouses, OMS Pro and ecommerce website orders.
  • Product catalog updates
  • Customer information updates
  • Product pricing updates
  • Sales orders updates
  • Inventory allocation updates
  • Order status updates