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OSF Commerce (a brand of OSF Global), winner of 2019 Salesforce Partner Innovation Award for Customer 360, Bolty Award in the Retail Category at Dreamforce 2018 and Salesforce 2016 Partner Innovation Award in Retail, is a leading global commerce solutions company providing technology, consulting, implementation, and Online Shop Management services to emerging brands, premier brands, and retailers. Our agile approach allows us to scale global growth more quickly and enable retailers to simplify the customer experience. With over 120 ongoing projects and eight years of worldwide deployments, OSF delivers innovative ecommerce solutions across channels, devices, and locales.

We work with our clients’ staff to ensure commerce solutions are successfully implemented and integrated with existing business-critical applications, thus Integrator for OMS Pro can be further enhanced and customized, upon request, to fit your business specific requirements. Contact us to book an informal meeting with a commerce implementation specialist, and learn why companies like Burton, YETI, and Urban Decay have chosen OSF as their trusted commerce partner.

Integration Overview

OSF Commerce's Integrator for OMS Pro is a cartridge that facilitates the integration between OMS Pro, RCI Global Services's order management system and omnichannel platform for the APAC region, and Salesforce Commerce Cloud, enabling a full omnichannel experience and reducing the time required for developing an omnichannel project. The cartridge assists businesses in making both omnichannel and unified commerce a reality. Stock management, order processing, and returns are streamlined, and data synchronization is a reality with a 360-degree view of customer data being synced with all the details of their order history and returns. Service agents will now have the tools to track orders at every stage — from payment through to delivery. Integrator for OMS Pro ensures that companies can better leverage relevant data to provide better service and support to consumers and extends the functionality of Site Genesis by allowing merchants to configure Jobs that will run automatically at specific time intervals to import/export information of catalog/price/customer/order/inventory.

Integration Features

  • UNIFIED COMMERCE | Integrate RCI’s OMS Pro and Salesforce Commerce Cloud for a unified commerce solution and connected online to offline and offline to online channels to provide an enhanced customer experience.
  • ENHANCE YOUR INVESTMENT | Maximize your OMS Pro investment and fully leverage the power of Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Obtain a unified commerce solution.
  • SEAMLESS SHOPPING ABILITIES | Customers are supported regardless of what device they use or if they are in an online or offline shopping environment.
  • SYNCHRONIZE ALL DATA | Customer information is synchronized across both platforms, providing better order and stock management and enhancing your customer support capabilities.
  • IMPROVED CUSTOMER SUPPORT | Support teams spend less time processing and handling orders and inventory. Agents now have the right tools to track orders from payment to delivery.
  • AVAILABLE UPDATES | Benefit from product pricing, sales orders, inventory allocation and order status real-time updates


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