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Klevu's Product Discovery Suite

Klevu, founded in 2013, is a Finnish Global AI-NLP tech company, that serves hundreds of millions of searches. Klevu started with a mission to help connect people to products they want to buy. Through AI and NLP-powered discovery technology, our solutions enable merchants to deliver hyper-relevant, personalized experiences powered by real-time buyer intent. Our discovery technology balances AI automation and strategic control, is quick and easy to install and experience value creation. Klevu powers thousands of ecommerce businesses worldwide. We are a global and diverse team. People from four continents speaking more than eleven languages bring a blended cross-cultural experience to Klevu.

Retailers that use Klevu typically enjoy up to 6x increase in conversion from search, +6% increase in AOV from search, and +15% increase in site-wide ecommerce conversion. Klevu’s proprietary technology is driving traffic, conversion and loyalty for more than 3,000 leading global brands, including Puma, Yamaha, Callaway, Toys “R” Us, Agent Provocateur, ME + EM, Paul Smith, and Made.com. Klevu has offices in the UK, the US, India, Finland, Australian and Sweden.

Klevu is an API first company. It also provides deep integration with SFCC, making it merchant friendly offering. It takes pride in 24x7 weekdays support and pioneering NLP technology. Klevu guarantees positive ROI in 1-2 months of use, resulting in quick time to value.

Integration Overview

The Klevu SFCC cartridge provides a developer and merchant friendly integration for online stores.

The integration, out-of-the-box, preserves the theme layout of SFCC store for both SRLP and Category pages. It integrates with SFRA's storefront and replaces the native search to provide relevant, and intent-driven personalized experiences for online shoppers. With this option, the front-end customizations can then be managed from Commerce Cloud assets. Customers can also choose to use Javascript based templates or use APIs to enable fully-personalized search and category navigation experience. On the back-end, Klevu integration indexes Commerce Cloud products, categories, non-product data via an FTP framework.

Product Discovery Suite is an AI-powered solution that helps Salesforce retailers curate personalized product discovery experiences with minimal effort. Klevu Discovery Suite includes Smart Search, Smart Category Merchandising, Smart Recommendations, Personalization engine, and Robust Analytics. Klevu has an ambitious product roadmap that is highly influenced by customers. The underlying technology allows SFCC retailers to bring highly intuitive and relevant search experience on the store by one of the most intelligent AI systems in the market.

Integration Features

  • One of the most advanced NLP based search: Goes beyond basic error tolerance to understand the intent and brings relevant results.
  • Machine learning and personalisation: Brings maximum relevance through intersection of data driven learning and linguistics. Klevu headless JS theme provides user based personalised results.
  • Smart category merchandising: Allow shoppers to browse catalog with AI-led ordering on category pages with advanced navigation, filters and facets.
  • Advanced visual merchandising: Various tools to merchandise search results as well as individual category pages with time-bound campaigns; allows granular configurations.
  • Smart Recommendations: State of the art personalised recommendations offering that is built on deep learning.
  • Preserve SFCC theme layout: Provides entire SRLP (Search Results Landing Page) and Category Pages in your own theme layout. For personalised results page, use Klevu theme.
  • Merchant Friendly: Manage and utilise most capabilities from Klevu Merchant Centre without requiring to write a code or seek developer help.
  • Headless, Developer friendly: Build, extend or customise Klevu theme experience the way you like using JS on frontend or use Klevu as backend via API integration.
  • Awesome tech support (24x7, 5 days/week): In house SFCC developer and architect.