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Kount’s Software as a Service platform helps online merchants approve more orders, uncover new revenue streams, simplify fraud detection and dramatically improve bottom line profitability. Our proprietary technology has reviewed transactions for some of the world’s best-known brands. Most importantly, Kount’s turnkey solution is both easy to implement and easy to use. With minimal time and no disruption, your business will accept more orders from more people in more places than ever before. For each transaction, the Kount platform analyzes hundreds of relevant variables and activity across the globe in real-time, providing the most accurate fraud protection available. Kount applies a multitude of patented and proven technologies based on the specific needs of each customer, minimizing fraud loss and the need for manual review of orders. Our customers experience as much as 98% fewer chargebacks and lower fraud losses than ever before. With fraud under control, online businesses can focus on growing revenue through higher conversion rates and other initiatives, like adding new products or international expansion. Kount’s business intelligence and reporting tools make it easy to maximize sales opportunities. Our customers report an average of 2.2% - 5.8% increase in bottom-line sales after implementation.


Boost Sales, Beat Fraud

Integration Overview

The Kount Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge will provide rapid integration for Commerce Cloud implementations. The Kount cartridge is a self-contained cartridge that can easily integrate into any project. This cartridge can be configured in the Business Manager and contains all elements necessary to perform a successful best practices implementation of Kount. Kount aggregates and evaluates data from three primary sources, the Data Collector (DC), the Risk Inquiry Service (RIS), and the Kount Persona technology. From these three sources Kount provides a risk score and a response based upon merchant administered rules. The Data Collector gathers information from a customer’s device by redirecting the device browser momentarily to Kount then back to the merchant. This passive analysis obfuscates Kount’s interaction with the customer and does not affect the customer’s purchasing experience. The Risk Inquiry Service evaluates the data provided by the Data Collector and the order-form data submitted to the merchant from the customer to create a fraud score. Merchant specified rules are assessed for each transaction during this evaluation process. The Kount Persona is comprised of linked data points across the breadth of Kount merchants which provide behavioral analytics related to a transaction.

Integration Features

  • RIS (Risk Inquiry System) and Data collector implementation in checkout process
  • Includes RIS Fields, such as OS, Browser and IP Org.
  • Payment Methods - Credit Card, PayPal and GIFT
  • Masked credit card number (Salted Irreversible Hash; PCI Level 1 Compliant); Card holder name; Credit card type
  • Includes RIS Fields, such as OS, Browser and IP Org.
  • Supports User Defined Fields
  • ENS notifications can be passed back via email
  • ENS(Event Notification System) callback - updates status value from Kount to Commerce Cloud.
  • Cartridge is designed for Commerce Cloud API version 16.1.0
  • Error Logging is passed back in email notifications


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