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Lengow Cartridge

Lengow is an ecommerce automation solution that helps brands and distributors improve their performance, automate their business processes, and grow internationally. Our product feed management platform will allow you to find the right marketing channels on which to scale,
optimize and automate all of your online activity.

We offer our customers more than 1,600 marketing channels: marketplaces, price comparison engines, product ads, affiliation and retargeting platforms... We are already connected to these partners; you only have to prepare your products for publication. Then, when you diffuse them on the marketplaces, your orders and stocks will be fully synchronized when any of your items is purchased by the user.

You will also be able to closely track your clicks and conversions to adjust your digital strategy and optimise your product catalogue. Indeed, as soon as your catalogue is online, your main challenge will be to monitor and optimize it.

Integration Overview

As a Salesforce Commerce Cloud customer, you can expand your market reach from anywhere to everywhere, by exporting product catalogues via Lengow from your online store rapidly and automating their publication on more than 1,600 marketing channels and marketplaces. Distribute product information that’s always relevant and up-to-date at the right place and at the right time.

Lengow's cartridge enables to configure product's attributes export and submit the export file to an SFTP server. The export file is then recovered by Lengow and you are ready to empower you business thanks to Lengow's automation features !

Prerequisite : You need to have an SFTP available to integrate your Commerce Cloud data to LENGOW.

Integration Features

  • Easily import your product data from Commerce Cloud. 
  • Combine and consolidate multiple data sources to create a single product catalogue.
  • Improve your conversion rates by presenting complete, detailed product sheets with ease.
  • Using Lengow’s advanced catalogue segmentation functionalities, create targeted product selections that match your product distribution strategy.
  • Automate syndication to 1600 marketing channels and marketplaces.
  • Closely monitor your performance and profitability with dashboards based on platform data.