Address Verification

SFRA Version



Loqate, a GBG solution, is a trusted data specialist in location intelligence. By combining market-leading technology with the most accurate postal-verified location database available, we give retailers worldwide the precision and reliability to deliver exceptional customer experiences across 245+ countries and territories.

Loqate's address verification products overcome a key frustration of user onboarding, checkout, and ongoing database management by ensuring only verified address data is collected and stored. Address verification from Loqate decreases the amount of typing required on digital forms by up to 80%, while reducing data entry errors at point of capture by more than 20%.

Our type-ahead product uses real-time search to suggest, and auto-complete address fields on digital data capture forms including checkout and registration pages. Errors are recognized and corrected at the point of entry, avoiding costly shipping errors and damage to your brand reputation. Remove friction from online forms across any device, reduce cart abandonment, and save customers time while increasing online conversion rates.


Integration Overview

Address validation ensures that only accurate addresses are entered in your Salesforce Commerce Cloud checkout and registration pages. Addresses are verified at the point of entry, making the checkout process quick and simple, giving you a great customer experience and ensuring clean and accurate data. Built-in address auto-correction identifies typos, abbreviations, and formatting errors so users can easily select their address from a dropdown list.

Loqate's RESTful API architecture and flexible SFCC cartridge allows retailers to capture standardized address data at the point-of-entry, verified by global postal agencies, reducing the need for further data cleansing. Optimize website usability and reduce cart and form abandonment by providing an intuitive, customer-first approach to address collection. Reduce failed deliveries, support queries and the cost of ongoing data management by preventing bad data from entering your system.

Our platform is run from concurrent data centers around the world, to provide secure, reliable service wherever you are. We are ISO27001 accredited so you can be confident that your data is securely hosted.


Integration Features

  • Type-Ahead Address Verification with Real-Time Search
  • Global Data Coverage for 245+ Countries + Territories
  • Auto-Correction - typos, abbreviations, substitutions, and transpositions
  • Verified Postal Data
  • Location Detection to prioritize local results first
  • Scalable Technology
  • Daily Database Updates