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Concierge is the leading mobile application for retail store associates, designed for Salesforce customers. Concierge empowers store associates with mobile access to customer and product data from retail systems to deliver a more personalized shopping experience and sell more (20 - 30% more). The Mobile Retail Platform behind Concierge enables major retailers to quickly surface data from ECOM, CRM, DOM, and POS systems to launch new customer journeys. Concierge is a modular product with configurables modules for Clienteling, BOPIS, Endless Aisle, and MPOS.

Major retailers such as Talbots, Ashley Furniture, Helzberg Diamonds, Books-A-Million, AutoNation, and VF Corp. (The North Face, Timberland, Vans) are running Concierge in thousands of stores, globally. The platform will process more than $3 Billion in orders this year. Talbots and Books-A-Million both received recent awards from Retail Touchpoints for their highly successful Concierge implementations. Concierge runs on iOS, Android, and Windows on any mobile device (including Zebra), digital display, or POS terminal. Mad Mobile is partnered with Apple, Zebra, and ELO.

The Concierge mobile application is tightly integrated with Salesforce to surface REAL-TIME product and customer information for retail store associates. Any data stored in Salesforce can be surfaced in Concierge, on any mobile device or POS terminal. No batch updates. All real-time and lightning fast, which is important when a customer asks an Associate to find a product that's not available in-store. Concierge is provisioned to surface modules and display data based on the role of the user. Data captured by the Associate using Concierge is posted back to Salesforce as the system of record. No data is ever stored in Concierge.

The mobile retail platform behind Concierge can quickly integrate data from multiple, disparate retail systems such as ECOM, CRM, DOM, POS and orchestrate new data flows. The integration with Salesforce and other systems enable retailers to quickly launch new functionality to meet the needs of the modern shopper including Clienteling, BOPIS, Endless Aisle, 1-to-1 email with templates, SMS, and Mobile POS (MPOS).
  • Clienteling - share looks and products with customers. Associates share links to buy and get credit for the sale.
  • Assisted Selling / Endless Aisle - inventoy lookup, product details, reviews, recommendations
  • Buy Online, Pickup In-Store (BOPIS)
  • Customer Profile - omnichannel wishlist, notes, preferences, loyalty, purchase history
  • MPOS - Mobile Point of Sale. Split ticket, one swipe.
  • Customer Engagement - 1-to-1 customer communication via SMS, Email, WhatsApp
  • Sales goals, store metrics, corporate priorities
  • Calendar of appointments, events
  • Tasks - sales or operational
  • Customer Insights