Loyalty and Gifting

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MAXXING Salesforce Commerce Cloud Cartridge

Through its SaaS platform, MAXXING offers the possibility to centralize the customer repository, the offer repository, and the loyalty repository. This allows you to have whole information and availability on all commercial channels and customer contact points in real-time.

MAXXING solution is mainly used by marketing and business teams who design promotional and loyalty mechanisms to guide the consumer's buying behavior on all the company's commercial channels. Using all types of information that will be collected over time on the consumer will help to create a personalized and omnichannel customer experience. This will be used to animate personal information (name, address, email, family, etc.), transactional information (tickets, products, brands, etc.), behavioral information (frequency of visit, purchasing power, etc.), or emotional information via social networks (like, post, etc.).

The objective of using the MAXXING solution is to leverage the company's turnover by helping the consumer to remain loyal to the company/brand and to spend more, by influencing the frequency of visits, the volume and number of purchases, the discovery of new products, and of course by rewarding loyalty through various means such as cashback, points programs, access to personalized services or events, rewards or change in status.

Integration Overview

The cartridge facilitates the integration of the MAXXING Promotion Engine in Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Those promotions and rewards coming from MAXXING engine can be applied in real-time, on top of the Commerce Cloud ones. Mechanics such as promotions, vouchers and promo codes, cashback, and messages on the basket page are implemented and ready to be customized.

The integration brought by this cartridge is to give full control to Marketing Teams to implement earn and burn mechanics. Such as the capability to control that promo codes and vouchers are still available, belong to the right customer, and apply the correct advantage (in percentage or value).

Consumers will be able to use cashback as a payment mean. MAXXING controls the balance and availability of it, in real-time. This cartridge also permits burn and earn processes to be executed whatever the channel. For instance, a voucher earned in a physical store can be redeemed in Salesforce Commerce Cloud and vice-versa.

Integration Features

  • Real-time computation of rewards and discounts elaborated with the MAXXING promotion engine are executed in Salesforce Commerce Cloud.
  • Implementing the cartridge allows business users to define the offers in a single repository, MAXXING, and make them available to their consumers on any channel, including Salesforce Commerce Cloud.
  • Offers are designed in MAXXING and executed in real-time by Salesforce Commerce Cloud.
  • Apply offers at the order and cart level in real-time.
  • Display of discounts during navigation.
  • Promo codes and vouchers earn and burn mechanics are included.
  • Cashback usage (partially or completely) in the payment process.
  • Real-time messages about promotions during the order payment process.