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Mercaux powers the Connected Store. We bring the benefits of digital into retail stores to enhance the customer experience, improve store efficiency and increase sales. We do this by equipping Sales Associates and stores with the digital tools they need to serve and sell smarter, across the entire customer journey.

Our core solutions Sales Assist, Omnichannel and Clienteling, equip staff with instant access to product information, company-wide inventory, digital content, customers’ profiles and wish lists, through to mobile checkout capabilities. Solutions are operated by Sales Associates using a tablet-based app or self-served by customers using touch screen kiosks or their own phones using a B2C Web App.

The use of this technology also opens the black box of in-store data so retailers can understand what actions contribute to a sale (or lost basket) in a customer’s path-to-purchase by revealing customer behaviors, staff performance and product funnels.

Mercaux is also able to display Looks created in our applications, either in-store or in the head office, in Salesforce Commerce Cloud thanks to our cartridge available in Salesforce AppExchange.

Integration Overview

The Mercaux cartridge for Salesforce Commerce Cloud allows you to display “Looks” on your ecommerce site that have been created by in-store teams or at a head office level using Mercaux's Solutions.

Our cartridge is available for both SFRA and SiteGenesis storefronts, and allows you to display Looks on your homepage, product pages, and also in a separate Looks Gallery. 

On your homepage and product pages, the Looks can be displayed as a carousel with links to the featured products (you can choose for the carousel to display pre-selected Looks, or to include a randomize selection). Alternatively, a complete Looks Gallery can be added to your site’s main menu, giving users access to a variety of Looks from across the product collection and allowing them to be filtered according to personal preference.

All of the Looks contain an embedded pop-up, so that when a visitor clicks on a particular option, they are presented with all the products featured in this Look. Users can then click on the featured products for more details, or simply select their size and add to their basket.

All of the Looks are monitored and tracked by Mercaux's Analytics Platform, as is any customer engagement with the Looks. The full product catalogue is accessible from within the Mercaux platform, making it easy to update, remove or create new Looks whenever you want to - all of these features are self-served by retailers.

Integration Features

  • Create and Display “Looks” using Mercaux application
  • Create Product Sets using Mercaux application
  • Create a Looks Gallery with links to the featured products
  • Allow customers to browse the products included in the Looks Gallery, and filter accordingly
  • Facility to add products included in Looks into the basket for transaction