Order Management
Continuity and Replenishment
Connect your e-commerce platform with hundreds of local Point Of Sales Systems or warehouses that gives you the unique opportunity to package and ship orders locally from own retail, multibrand or flagship stores. Deeper and wider stock without any risk, production- or distribution costs! Choose our Ship From Store software and support your local stores by increasing their sales through and decrease your production by using stock already produced and shipped out to your local markets. Our Ship From Store software is already integrated with hundreds of POS and webshops systems. And also offers unique and great e-commerce experiences like Click & Collect and Same Day delivery. Orders placed on your ecommerce will be sent to your connected boutiques through an online order management system and userfriendly iOS app, so its easy for your boutiques to accept the orders and sent them directly to the end consumer.

The cartridge enables Salesforce customers to forward orders placed on the Salesforce Platform to a network of boutiques, which you want to connect to the system. Miinto is already integrated with hundreds of POS and webshop systems, so its easy to add the boutiques you want to the system.  The general process implemented within the cartridge works in the following way:

Whenever an end customer places an order in the Salesforce webshop, the cartridge firstly checks whether this order could be fulfilled by our boutiques connected to the system. If yes, the order is distributed to the network of boutiques for a given timeframe that can be defined in the cartridge. If none of the stores accept the order, it is sent back to the Salesforce webshop and can be fulfilled by Salesforce customer inventory. Its also possible to enrich the amount of products you show on your webshop, by using your boutiques integrated stock in the boutiques. The cartridge integrates with Miinto product catalogue that is exposed over HTTP and Miinto Order Distribution API.

  • Integration with Miinto Product Catalogue - retreiving the list of products available in boutiques integrated with Miinto
  • Sending an order placed on Salesforce Platform to the network of Miinto boutiques
  • Monitoring the response of Miinto boutiques (order acceptance/rejection)
  • Monitoring the order status (fetching Track & Trace number)
  • Cancellation of order sent to Miinto and returning the order back to Salesforce Platform for fulfillment