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minubo is a ready-to-use eCommerce analytics cloud that helps eCommerce organizations of well-established brands to achieve their ambitious growth targets. With minubo's process-supporting analytics solution and professional change management services, you can establish a data-driven work culture and outperform the competition by making smarter decisions – every day. Unlike several established platforms, minubo is a guided analytics solution that provides the exact insights that eCommerce organizations need to establish data-driven decision-making particularly with their performance marketing, customer lifecycle marketing, shop management and controlling staff, as well as eCommerce executives. minubo connects Demandware data with web analytics data and thus creates significant added value, but since it is a certified Demandware partner technology, it is still easy to integrate into every Demandware customer‘s technical infrastructure. Additionally, minubo is supported by a strong network of System Integrators and consulting agencies that, not only provide technical support, but also, help to integrate minubo into every employee‘s daily work processes in order to build a data-driven-organization.

minubo was founded in Hamburg, Germany, in 2013, and opened their Boston office in spring 2015. The company is a spin-off of nextel Business Intelligence Solutions GmbH which has been developing individual Enterprise BI solutions for large online retail customers since 2009.

Integration Overview

As a ready-to-use eCommerce analytics cloud, minubo helps eCommerce organizations to build a data-driven decision culture by providing dashboards, reports and tools that seamlessly integrate into their daily work processes (collaboration tools, alerts, to-do lists and more). On top of that, users can take advantage of integrated data feeds to other tools like e.g. Excel.

minubo mainly adresses the following business areas: Performance Marketing (achieve maximum campaign performance through optimized budget allocation), Customer Lifecycle Marketing (build effective customer retention through smart segmentation), Shop Management (achieve higher conversions and fuller carts through optimized on-page promotion), Controlling (gain full business transparency with more than web tracking data) and eCommerce Executive (take advantage of convenient reporting that gives you full insight in no time).

Integration Features

  • Marketing channel & campaign reporting
  • Customer data insights & segmentation
  • Product performance analytics & segmentation
  • Sales reports
  • General controlling
  • Management reporting
  • Alerts & to-do lists
  • Data feeds to other tools