North America

Testing and Segmentation

Monetate is the global leader in providing multi-channel personalization to the world’s best brands. Built for speed, the Monetate Platform’s easy-to-use interface allows marketers to create, test and deploy an unlimited number of personalized digital experiences with limited need for IT or consulting resources. Monetate delivers personalization solutions that help brands create unique and compelling experiences that are linked across channels. With Monetate, marketing is transformed from a world of discrete campaigns to one of always-on, personalized experiences that maximize the lifetime value of each individual customer. Monetate is used by the world’s leading retail brands to grow revenue faster by being faster. Founded in 2008, Monetate influences billions of dollars in revenue every year for world-class and iconic brands like (* for those on Salesforce Commerce Cloud) Kate Spade*, Deckers Outdoors*, Brooks Brothers*, Godiva*, Lands End*, Vineyard Vines*, P&G*, Converse*, UGG*, QVC, Best Buy, Macy's, OfficeDepot and hundreds of other market leaders.
The Monetate for Personalization LINK Cartridge for Commerce Cloud is a true integration making all features of the leading personalizaiton platform immediately available. By following the well-documented and defined integration process detailed in the integration guide, the Monetate LINK Cartridge completely integrates Monetate with your Commerce Cloud  store front in minutes. Once you complete integration, immediately begin creating engaging and personalized site experiences at scale with little to no requirement for IT resources. Integrate makreting channels and campaigns with the site experience, target product recommendations and offers to customers based on behavior and affinities, support omnichannel strategies with integrated online/offline campaigns, and more.
  • Multi-channel personalization (web, tablet, mobile, email)
  • A/B and multivariate testing and advanced analytics and reporting
  • Product recommendations, visual search, and product badging
  • Email personalization and optimization
  • Image and dynamic content creation and editing
  • Custom event and KPI tracking
  • Import data from your CRM, POS, and Commerce Cloud Pipeline Dictionary and use for segmentation
  • Create complex business rules easily based on cart contents and value, browsing behavior, etc