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Namogoo protects online businesses from Customer Journey Hijacking, an invisible but rapidly growing problem that cuts into companies’ bottom lines. 15-25% of web visitors are disrupted by unauthorized ads injected into consumer browsers including banners, pop-ups, and in-text redirects that distract them from the intended online experience and divert them to other sites. 40-70% of these ads include offers and recommendations from direct competitors. Because these ads are caused by digital malware running on the customer’s browser, device, or WiFi network, they effectively bypass server-side visibility and control.

Namogoo's client-side machine learning technology detects and blocks unauthorized injected ads. By eliminating these invasive promotions with Namogoo, online businesses are consistently increasing their conversion rate by 2-5% while delivering a distraction-free customer journey. Recognized by Gartner as a Cool Vendor in Digital Commerce, Namogoo preserves the customer experience and enhance eCommerce KPIs for leading online brands worldwide, including Asics, Samsonite, Lenovo, Dollar Shave Club, Argos, Office Depot, Tailored Brands, Upwork, and many more.

Integration Overview

Namogoo’s cloud-based solution takes a new and unique Machine Learning-driven angle to preserve the customer journey. Rather than being installed on the server, Namogoo monitors and analyzes millions of web sessions from the server all the way to customers’ browsers — and based on pattern analysis techniques — classifies invasive web activity and prevents it from running. Namogoo’s proactive core engine leverages thousands of data points related to deep content inspection, statistical analysis, and indicative behavioral patterns in order to reach decisions.

Namogoo’s client-side technology:

Maintains a zero false positive policy by leveraging multiple independent classification methods to prevent legitimate service from being blocked and ensure no impact on the intended customer experience.
Ensures minimal code footprint by lightweight code developed to work optimally with minimal impact on the end user’s environment and consequently their online experience.
Does not collect any Personally identifying information (PII) and ensures full compliance with all user privacy and regulations. Additionally, Namogoo is certified as PCI Compliant by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Integration Features

  • Immediate Conversion Uplift: Increases conversion rate by 2-5% by preventing your customers from being distracted and diverted by unauthorized injected ads.
  • Increases Revenue Per Visitor (RPV): Increases RPV by 5-7% by keeping customers on your site all the way through checkout.
  • Decreases checkout abandonment: Decreases checkout abandonment rate by 5-9% by eliminating disruptions at the end of the sales funnel.
  • Increases retention rate: Increase customer loyalty and retention by 10-15%.
  • Delivers a Distraction-Free Customer Experience: Ensure your customers receive the optimized online experience as planned free of disruption.
  • Protects your brand equity: Eliminate intrusive ads and unsavory content to preserve your customer journey and strong brand