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Narvar's data-driven customer experience platform is designed to help retailers & brands intelligently simplify the shopping experience for consumers. Serving over 700+ merchants - globally - today including Sephora, Patagonia, Levi's, Warby Parker, Home Depot, LVMH, L'Oreal, and others, Narvar ensures every touchpoint along the consumer purchase journey engages consumers and enables emotional connections - from the pre-purchase to in-store - and beyond. With customizable customer messaging and tailored interfaces driven by unparalleled data intelligence, Narvar empowers commerce brands to turn every touchpoint into an opportunity.

Integration Overview

The Narvar Cartridge facilitates integration between a Commerce Cloud Digital Storefront and Narvar post purchase experience platform; This will enable various Narvar products including Engage and Care for the merchant.

Engage: Merchants can trigger on-brand proactive notifications to their customers regarding their package delivery. They can also design beautiful on-brand tracking pages where customer can go to find more details about their packages. Care: A branded consumer-centric portal for omnichannel returns, repairs, & exchanges makes it easy for customers, and painless for retailers.

The cartridge pushes order information from storefront to Narvar. Merchants will use configurators to configure above products. Real time API calls are being made by this cartridge to the Narvar system with the order details.

Integration Features

  • Track
  • Proactive Notifications