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Netacea is an award-winning provider of fast and accurate bot detection and mitigation for websites, mobile apps and APIs.

Netacea was named a leader in The Forrester New Wave™: Bot Management, Q1 2020. Our mission is to give your customers, revenue and brand the maximum-security across your website, mobile app and APIs against malicious bot threats such as credential stuffing, scraping and scalping, to prioritize genuine users.

We integrate with your existing technology for complete flexibility and minimal disruption to your team. This ensures comprehensive coverage against malicious bots without detriment to your website infrastructure, reliance on hardware or code changes.

Netacea takes a three-layered approach to malicious bot detection and management; the Active Threat Database, Intent Analytics and BotOps team.

The Active Threat Database is updated in real time, tracking all bots actively targeting the system under protection and allows for proactive defence against server attack.

Netacea’s revolutionary Intent Analytics engine applies machine learning technology in real-time, to analyse the actions and intent of web traffic, as well as the usage patterns of all visitors.

Our team of bot experts sit at the heart of the solution, incorporating our own threat research and industry insights into every interaction with your in-house security function. We work hand-in-hand with your team from implementation, through to empowering you with actionable threat intelligence.

Integration Overview

At Netacea we understand bot behavior better than anyone else, thanks to a pioneering server-side approach to bot management.

We quickly distinguish automated threat activity including credential stuffing, scraping, carding and inventory hoarding from humans, to prioritize genuine users, with our team of experts and revolutionary, machine learning powered Intent Analytics™ engine at the heart of the solution.

Netacea works by monitoring all visitor activity (via the Netacea Ingest module), passing this data to the Netacea platform for analysis by the Intent Analytics engine. The results of this analysis are made available via the Netacea Mitigation service, allowing action to be taken against all threats in real time.

Clients using the Netacea SFCC Link cartridge can access the following features:

  • Netacea Mitigation – Actions to be taken against visitors identified as malicious bots.
  • Netacea Ingest – The element of Intent Analytics that receives incoming data for processing.
  • The Netacea Portal – This acts as a point of interaction, enabling you to manage the setup of your Netacea installation, configure your bot management strategy and view reports of bot activity identified and acted on by Netacea.

Integration Features

  • Netacea Ingest
  • Netacea Mitigation
  • Netacea Portal