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NoFraud is an all-in-one fraud prevention solution that leverages a combination of human intelligence and AI-powered, multi-layered fraud screening technology to instantly detect and block fraudulent orders in real-time, eliminating chargebacks and boosting order approval rates. Our unique three-step process handles the process from start to finish—so there's zero merchant involvement required: First, NoFraud’s advanced software screens transactions. Second, our team of analysts scrutinizes any high-risk transactions requiring validation, contacting cardholders directly to verify purchases when necessary. Third, NoFraud renders a simple “Pass/Fail” decision on each transaction, saving you time, money, and hassle. With competitive rates, the industry's highest order approval rates, and guaranteed chargeback protection, NoFraud is one of the leading fraud prevention tool for eCommerce merchants, allowing you to ship high-risk orders without worry, approve more orders, and win the fight against fraud—for good.

Integration Overview

NoFraud extends Salesforce Commerce Cloud flows to support fraud prevention mechanisms by integrating to NoFraud eCommerce Fraud Prevention via NoFraud Application Programming Interface (API) calls.

Integration to NoFraud consists of deploying and configuring of the int_nofraud_sfra cartridge. There are no modifications needed for the core cartridge.

Integration Features

  • Fraud Detection via standard hooks
  • No Fraud fraud detection impacts order completion or failing
  • Support for Fraud review process
  • Scheduled Job for Review process updates
  • No Fraud decision saved to Order Custom attributes
  • Configurable Support for Credit Card and other payment methods
  • Decision based on order and device data
  • All Standard No Fraud features available via NoFraud web portal
  • Cartridge is designed for Commerce Cloud API version 19.1.0+