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Novalnet AG

Novanet helps businesses accept payments globally in 125+ currencies through 150+ payment methods in a highly secure, state-of-the-art environment supported by AI-powered risk management, built for SMEs and large enterprises. Novalnet’s payment solutions are built with customers in mind, no matter what the business size is or where you are located. Automated country-specific payment methods widen the reach and ensure that customers are confident and comfortable during every transaction. Novalnet payments support online & offline and in-person retailers, subscriptions businesses, software platforms and marketplaces, and everything in between by offering fully automated solutions connecting payment, finance and technology.

A single contract gets everything needed to build and run a successful business, from processing payments, managing fraud, invoicing, debt collection, and connecting your accounting system, not to mention that you need not own a PCI certification, as all transactions are processed in our certified environment. A single contract saves the hassle and cost of signing multiple contracts with multiple maturities & charges from various companies (banks, acquirers, PSP/payment gateways, billing firms, fraud prevention agencies, debt collection agencies, debtor management firms, technical agencies for software development etc). The payment account comes with features that support every business model of every size and reach.

Integration Overview

Novalnet's Salesforce Commerce Cloud is certified, offering fully functional cartridge for your e-commerce website. Our payment integration simplifies every process from checkout to debt collection. Novalnet's Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge offers a wide range of fully automated services under one roof, avoiding signing different contracts with multiple maturities & charges with diverse companies. Client avails these services with 1 contract cutting down costs and increase turnover for continuous business growth & success. With a single integration & contract, global businesses can process worldwide. We offer 150+ processing currencies with automated settlements in 25 currencies worldwide. Novalnet’s AI powered risk management finds the right balance between fraud protection and conversion optimisation using dynamic real-time rules, machine learning & biometrics. Businesses can access a suite of fraud modules configured to apply risk scoring & routing logic based on various sectors. Novalnet gives businesses a competitive advantage by offering seamless buying experiences online with a host of rich features - smart payment selection, one-click & cross-shop payment, click & collect, reference payment, pay by link, transaction based IBAN's to pay without payment reference, etc.

Integration Features

  • Unified commerce Payments to grow your Business
  • Automated Global Payment Selection for acceptance
  • Guaranteed Payments & Secure Escrow Accounts
  • Comprehensive Reporting, Analytics and Data Export
  • Marketplace & Affiliate Management
  • Full Service Payment processing from Checkout till debt collection on a single platform
  • Connect to global markets via 150+ national and international payment methods
  • Intelligent risk management solution driven by Machine Learning & Dynamic rules
  • Simplifying buying process by enhanced customer experience
  • Accounting made easy: extensive reporting & automated multi-currency settlements