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Obsess enables global brands and retailers to create immersive 3D virtual stores on their e-commerce websites. Customers who have deployed experiential shopping strategies have proven to increase engagement, conversion, and average order value. The Obsess patented, mobile-optimized, enterprise platform enables brands to build a metaverse strategy while conducting and controlling e-commerce transactions, collecting shopper data, and protecting your brand.

Virtual stores can either be created completely digitally with CGI, which enables brands to build creative environments to immerse their customers in a unique experience and form a deeper connection with them. Or retail stores can be virtualized to increase ROI on physical locations by reaching a wider audience.

Obsess is the market leader in virtual shopping technology, having created 150+ virtual stores, with retailers such as Ralph Lauren, Coach, Crocs, Tommy Hilfiger, Charlotte Tilbury, Armani Beauty, NBC Universal, Mattel, Babylist, General Mills, and more.

Integration Overview

The Obsess cartridge provides the integration capability for a virtual store into your SFCC-powered e-commerce site.

It enables the virtual store to pull product information from SFCC when a user clicks on a product in the store. The data such as product name, images, description, price, etc are displayed within the virtual store, so that the user is able to have all the information necessary to make a purchase decision.

The cartridge also enables the product to be added to the SFCC cart when the user clicks on 'add to cart' in the virtual store. The virtual store cart is shared with the e-commerce site, enabling a seamless checkout experience for the user.

Integration Features

  • 3D 360 virtual store environment on your e-commerce site
  • Customized design to match your style guide
  • Display 2D product images or 3D product models in the virtual environment
  • User can click on products in the virtual environment, get all product information and add to cart
  • Embed media content, video, audio, text into the virtual environment
  • Add custom gamification flows into the user journey
  • Livestream into and from the virtual store
  • Social shopping capabilities - such as shop with friends on video chat inside the virtual store
  • Celebrity, influencer or sales associate avatars who greet users in the virtual store
  • Music