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Loyalty & Gifting
The Omneo platform has been designed to bridge the gaps between existing retail systems such as POS, ERP, eCommerce, Email/SMS Comms and Customer Service and allow brands to create a 'Shared View of the Customer' across these systems without needing to replace them. The Omneo Loyalty Engine allows any bespoke loyalty program design to be implemented and managed covering all common loyalty mechanics such as: Points, Tiers, Rewards, Gifts, Perks, Achievements, Gamification, Lists, Preferences, and a Customer Profile that can be 'owned' by the customer via an app or the profile page on your CommerceCloud site.  It also powers customer service experiences such in in store Clientelling interfaces and a web based 'action' portal to quickly gather feedback, ratings and preferences in a conversational way without the need to login to a full profile.

The Omneo App Engine allows brands to create a digital version of their customer via a custom brand app installed on the customer's coveted device, replacing the need for member cards and reduces reliance on email as a primary form of communication to highly engaged customers. It seamlessly integrates with your mobile ecommerce experience allowing 'always logged in' shopping without leaving the app. Combined, the platform offers powerful location sensitive functionality with beacons and predicitve technology to easily identify customers who are likely (or unlikely) to purchase in coming weeks and idenitfy customers at risk of lapsing.
Install and configure the Omneo Cartridge and connect it to your instance of Omneo to connect all online accounts with their brand loyalty accounts. Tier and Reward Balance information will then become available to logged in customers and used in the checkout in realtime as well as in store. You will need to appply changes to your theme to accomodate new information into your logged in site Header as well as an additional 'Member Details' page in the Account section of the site.

Rewards redemption occurs in a simlar way to applying a voucher code in the cart/checkout except it is applied as a dynamic dollar off, reserved promotional discount across all items in the users cart.  No management or syncing of voucher codes is required as all rewards and redemptions are done in realtime against the customer's loyalty account on Omneo. The cartridge also allows advanced developers to access other parts of the Omneo API to create unique web based experiences for the logged in member to do things like manage Achievements (gamification) and see full transaction history (not just online orders). Contact us to be put in touch with our recommended loyalty implementation partner who can work with your web development agency or team.
  • Sync member/customer data between your ecom site and all other retail systems 
  • Allow customers to view their current tier and track progress to earn and maintain tiers
  • Use customer tier values and other member attributes to power your ecom promotions
  • Allow customers to view their dollar reward balance and use it in the checkout as a discount
  • No more voucher codes!
  • Realtime reward redemption tracking that works in store and online
  • Loyalty mechanics that drive incremental purchases rather than just give a discount
  • Leverage your ecom site and accounts in a customer mobile app experience