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OneStock is the agile OMS (Order Management System) for omnichannel brands. Unify all your stocks (e-commerce, warehouses, points of sale, suppliers...) and fulfill orders from every selling channel.

Empower your omnichannel strategy by introducing additional frictionless services to connect your customers with your product: Ship From Store, Order in Store, unified Click & Collect, Reserve & Collect.

Provide a truly online and in-store omnichannel experience for your customers: a personalised, transparent and trackable Delivery Promise, the ability to return product anywhere, support the customer to create his own style using Personal Stylist, keep in touch with your customers with sophisticated clienteling.

Make life easy for your store teams thanks to the OneStock store associate app allowing them to fulfill all omnichannel orders efficiently: Order Fulfillment, Mobile POS, Stocktake, Transfers, Store As A Warehouse.

European Leader of Ship From Store with more than 40 brands live, with OneStock you're choosing a Best of Breed solution which is easily and quickly integrated into your IT system. Our dedicated SaaS solution has been designed by retailers for retailers which make it instantly adopted by headquarters members and stores associates.

Thanks to an immediate increase of sales, major international brands who trusted OneStock have experienced a significant ROI with a turnover growth of more than 25% in average.

Integration Overview

This LINK cartridge connects Salesforce Commerce Cloud to OneStock OMS to manage every omnichannel scenarios.

The connector can add a Reserve & Collect funnel included on your Product Description Pages. Instantly add this feature on your website to drive customers to your stores!

This feature provides a store locator and shows the availability of a product declination in each store. The customer is encouraged to reserve the item in the store, with no payment, to keep a high conversion rate. OneStock provides the interface in the store to confirm the reservation and send an SMS or an email to the customer when it is ready for collection and payment. Fast and easy!

The connector exposes the stock available to sell to Salesforce Commerce Cloud. OneStock consolidates all your stocks, from any source, and calculate the unified stock available to sell, according to your business rules. The unified stock is published automatically on your website and kept up-to-date. Unified stock decreases unavailability and increase your revenue online!

This cartridge makes the connection between Salesforce Commerce Cloud and OneStock straightforward. OneStock will handle all the complex omnichannel scenarios and provides a nice and intuitive, responsive user interface in your stores.

Integration Features

  • Stock Unification and Distributed Order Management: Fulfillment of orders from every selling channel
  • Reserve & Collect : immediate activation of reserve and collect on every product description page
  • Enhanced conversion funnel: Fully integrated 4 steps reserve & collect funnel aggregating customer informations
  • Store locator: Provide a real-time view of all inventory available in stores, store details, map location (google)
  • Store Associate App: intuitive interfaces to improve the management of Reserve & collect orders and decrease collecting time for customers