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optile is an intelligent solution built to optimize the online payment world for enterprises and their customers. In the complex and constantly changing payment landscape, international businesses require special support to handle the complexity of their payment infrastructure on a global scale. Therefore, we have created an open payment interface which strives to build a worldwide, easy to access payment network.

Once connected to our open payment platform, international businesses can access any payment method, provider, or third-party service worldwide, while staying independent, flexible, and free in optimizing and expanding their payment portfolio at any time. With optile’s "implement once" concept, the payment setup can be configured quickly, which significantly reduces both technical and operational efforts. Smart customer registration logics together with a customizable payment page lead to a personalized shopping experience for the end-consumer. With this in mind, businesses can boost their conversion and increase their customer lifetime value. We serve digital leaders in their respective industries as well as technical platform businesses, covering the bases of retail, travel, dating, gaming, and more.

Integration Overview

optile, a certified partner of Salesforce Commerce Cloud, is a seamless and unified payment solution that provides businesses an unlimited access to the global payment market. As a Commerce Cloud Technology Partner, optile's cartridge can be easily integrated into merchants’ systems for them to explore the worldwide payment opportunities. At optile, we are creating an open payment world where businesses can easily and quickly expand to new markets while increasing conversion, reducing technical efforts, and improving customer payment experience.

With optile, businesses gain more freedom and flexibility in choosing their payment setup while saving costs and efforts for its implementation. Therefore, businesses can configure any possible payment method into their system as well as intelligently route their payment flows with an advanced routing technology. Besides, checkout design can be individually tailored to the preferences of the customers and thus significantly enhance user experience. Our integration scenario requires the businesses to be PCI DSS SAQ A compliant which is the lowest level of PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). optile’s cartridge allows to display payment methods in iFrame as well as supports end-to-end payments and backend notifications.

Integration Features

  • Payment account registration
  • Preset summary payment page
  • Refunds
  • Management of registered accounts: registration without a payment, standalone registration
  • Handling of all the payment backend notifications
  • In-page and redirect payment page integrations
  • Input Validation
  • CHARGE - customer payment details submission
  • Advanced Routing of the payment flows