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Ordergroove provides a Relationship Commerce Platform that enables brands and retailers to launch subscription, reordering and membership programs to drive predictable, profitable and recurring revenue streams. More than 100 leading brands and retailers including L’Oreal, Walmart, illy, GNC, and The Honest Company, leverage Ordergroove's Relationship Commerce platform to deliver innovative and frictionless consumer experiences - both online and in retail stores at the POS - that reduce the complexity of running a recurring revenue business. Ordergroove is headquartered in New York, NY.

Integration Overview

Ordergroove‘s LINK Cartridge is certified as an official Quick Launch solution, and contains use cases and quality measures specifically designed to enable customers to implement quickly and cost-effectively. Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Ordergroove have partnered for many years to deliver groundbreaking success to clients by maximizing the ability to establish and grow a recurring revenue stream through subscriptions, reorder, clubs & boxes, and membership experiences.

With the Ordergroove Relationship Commerce platform, clients can leverage the entire set of merchandising, promotion, order management, artificial intelligence, and analytics capabilities Ordergroove purposely built for recurring business models from years of experience working with the world's leading brands. Unlike system integrators, billing systems or small point solutions, Ordergroove has proven capabilities that address the complexities needed to run and scale any sized recurring business. Clients can also leverage Ordergroove's built-in developer framework that allows for easy integration with existing retail technologies and omnichannel consumer experiences across channels.

Integration Features

  • Subscription Creation: Easily enable subscriptions on product detail pages, at checkout or any other point in the consumer journey.
  • Order placement: Create recurring orders in Commerce Cloud, leveraging order management capabilities and utilizing a wide set of payment gateways
  • Flexible Configuration: Control and configure the experience to match your program's needs in our RC3 self-serve interface
  • Purpose-built for Commerce Cloud: Compatible with pipelines, controllers and SFRA; LINK tested and certified.
  • Security & Scalability: Ordergroove is PCI-DSS Level 1 certified and SOC 2 compliant


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