OSF Store Locator for Headless

The company is a leading digital transformation company, experienced in helping businesses leverage commerce, marketing, sales, service, analytics, loyalty, and digital experience solutions. With global expertise in enterprise connected commerce, OSF seamlessly guides brands throughout their entire digital transformation journey. With a global footprint and 19 years of experience, OSF meets the needs of large enterprises with personal attention, keeping clients connected to the highest levels of our organization.

The company's deep industry and market expertise enables us to identify unique requirements and to launch multiple commerce solutions dedicated to specific markets or industry verticals.

A trusted Salesforce partner for 10+ years and certified on all clouds, OSF is an expert on B2B and B2C connected commerce. The company brings technology together for unified commerce success.

The investment in Customer 360 has allowed OSF to develop expertise that drives innovation throughout a project. Our solutions and configurations have earned us multiple Salesforce Innovation Awards through the years.​

Integration Overview

Package for the Salesforce Composable Storefront
This package contains the code and installation guide for the installation of the OSF Digital package/cartridge "Store Locator for Headless" - a product built for the Salesforce Composable Storefront (PWA-Kit) that adds functionality for customers to search and navigate the Business-Manager defined stores in the headless application.

The components from this package are intended to be installed on an existing headless storefront site and can be customized to the project requirements as needed.

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