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At OSF Commerce, we build our cartridges using a Commerce Cloud-first approach, having your business goals in mind, while respecting all quota limits and best coding practices, with minimal interference to existing operations.  All of our out of the box products’ features are made to address retailers’ common pain points, and they are fully customizable. As part of our products' portfolio, OSF UnifyCOMMERCE’s mission is to  help you offer the best Omnichannel experience to your customers. Our product provides you with a clear 360 view of customers' data, to help you offer best customer service and create more efficient marketing and sales strategies. Leverage your Salesforce Clouds investments in an integrated way and have the opportunity to gain complete visibility into customers' activities in a single, centralized location by having direct access to all essential customer performance data available within Salesforce. 

OSF Commerce, winner of Salesforce’s 2016 Partner Innovation Award in Retail, is a leading global commerce solutions company providing technology, consulting, implementation and managed services to emerging brands and premier brand retailers. With over 120 ongoing projects and eight years of worldwide deployments, OSF delivers innovative ecommerce solutions across channels, devices and locales. Book an informal meeting with us and learn why retailers like Burton, Predator Nutrition and Urban Decay have chosen OSF as their trusted ecommerce partner.

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OSF UnifyCOMMERCE is a customer centric product built to help you gain access to everything you need to know about customers' actions and preferences. Enable Omnichannel with the help of both back-end and front-end functionalities. Synchronize customer records, orders, products, wishlists, abandoned carts and more, from one or multiple Salesforce Commerce Cloud websites and get 360 view in Salesforce Sales and Service Clouds. The Commerce Cloud Customer Service Suite embedded in Service Cloud will enable your service team to open up new sales channels, by placing orders on behalf of customers and provide them with exceptional support.

Enhance the shopping experience with the Single Sign-On functionality, which allows your registered customers to navigate from your Commerce Cloud storefront to Salesforce Community with Just One Click. They can purchase Best Sellers or Recommended Products directly from Salesforce Community, while their Commerce Cloud shopping cart updates in real time and is within reach. Enable the personalization of your online store for subscribers assigned to Commerce Cloud Customer groups by automatically changing the homepage banner based on the Community topics they last commented on. For more information on OSF UnifyCOMMERCE, please visit us here.

  • Integration of one or multiple Salesforce Commerce Cloud sites with a single Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud instance with direct synchronization of:
    • products catalog
    • pricebooks
    • customers
    • orders
    • order products
    • wish list
    • removed products
    • abandoned carts
  • In order for the integration between the two platforms to work, the “int_osf_salesforce_api” and „int_osf_salesforce_connector” cartridges need to be installed and configured in the Salesforce Commerce Cloud environment. 
  • Automatic scheduled workflow runs in the Salesforce Commerce Cloud environment with a configured frequency, and exports all the customers, products, price book entries and orders created or updated since the last time the workflow ran. It is recommended for the scheduled workflow to run each hour, however, that may need to vary based on your company’s business needs and on the number of customers, products and orders created in the Salesforce Commerce Cloud environment over a set time period 
  • Individual Customer Visual Force KPI page with multiple sections, of which the most important are:
    • 1. Ordered Value – A sum of all Total Order Amounts for all the Orders related to the Person Account, which were flagged to be aggregated by the KPI page.
    • 2. No. of Orders – The total number of Orders related to the Person Account which were flagged to be aggregated by the KPI page.
    • 3. Average Order – The amount ordered by the customer on average (Ordered Value/No. of Orders – which were flagged to be aggregated by the KPI page).
    • 4. In-Store Orders – The sum of all Orders related to the Person Account which were flagged to be aggregated by the KPI page as In-Store Orders. This can only be used if your organization also has integration with a POS system
    • 5. Online Orders – The sum of all Orders related to the Person Account which are not placed In-Store.
    • 6. Customer Since – The date at which the customer was created in Salesforce
    • 7. Average Logins/Month – If the Person Account also has access to the Community, in this section you’ll be able to see the average of logins per month performed by the customer in the Salesforce Community.
    • 8. No. of Cases – The total number of cases related to the Person Account. If the number of cases is higher than 10, the icon for the No. of Cases section will turn red.
  • "Order on Behalf" of customers from Service Cloud: Commerce Cloud Customer Support Suite embedded within Salesforce. Customer Service team will have access to the following functionalities:
    • Search for a customer
    • Create a new order on behalf of a customer
    • Search for orders
  • Single Sign-On: the Salesforce Commerce Cloud storefront customer has the opportunity to navigate and shop in Salesforce Community without having to add/set any password;
  • Persistent shopping cart in Salesforce Community, updated in real time and within reach. Products added to cart on the Salesforce Commerce Cloud storefront will be visible also in the Community page
  • Add to Cart button for Best Sellers in Salesforce Community directly in Salesforce Community general page
  • Add to Cart button for Recommended Products in specific discusstion topics within Salesforce Community
  • Storefront Homepage Banner Personalization: dynamic change of homepage based on the last topic in which the user posted inside the Community
  • Customize the look of your Community. Drag and drop OSF Lightning Components in Community Builder with ease