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Multi-carrier platform to use local delivery options in your check-out for cross-border shipping & fulfillment.

Paazl is a multi-carrier platform for e-commerce, connecting to a wide range of global, national and inner-city e-commerce carriers. Our mission is to help brands and retailers offer the best delivery options in every country.The Paazl cartridge enables a seamless display of delivery options in the check-out of your Salesforce Commerce Cloud store. Our UI/UX technology supports a wide range of home delivery, carrier pick-up point networks and click & collect via your local stores. We even provide estimated-time-of arrivals. Powerful algorithms offer personalized delivery options for every customer.

We also take care of the shipping labels, carrier manifesting, electronic customs documentation and personalized track & trace notifications. Your customer service team can tap directly into our systems for real time monitoring of each and every delivery.

In a nutshell, Paazl provides the tools to scale your delivery. We offer carrier flexibility and a faster go-to-market against lower costs, while boosting check-out conversion rates and NPS score.

Integration Overview

Using Paazl SFCC cartridge and Paazl Widget will make your developer's life easier and save them a lot of time, both Back- and Front-End. Henceforth:

No need to: configure a whole bunch of Shipping method in the BM / implement multiple API calls to cover all available carriers+shipping options/ develop heavy extra code on how to display your shipping options on your site/ implement extra logic to fetch and display the correct shipping cost based on your customer's country, his address, the weight or size of his product/ implement extra logic to fetch and display the correct shipping delivery time and/or store opening hour in case store pickup delivery.

The Paazl Widget does it all for you, all you need to do is few settings on your Paazl account and one call to your Paazl API to fetch the shipping option/carrier selected by your customer This API call will return you all information you need in an XML or JSON format.

Plus the Paazl widget comes with a lot of customisable options. Most of them are directly configurable via the BM site preferences out-of-the-box with your Paazl SFCC cartridge.

One more advantage, the Paazl SFCC cartridge is compatible with both MFRA and SiteGenesis.

Integration Features

  • Check-out Widget
  • Delivery Calculation Algorithm
  • Expected Time of Arrival
  • Home Delivery
  • Nominated Day Delivery
  • Delivery Time Frames
  • Track & Trace
  • Pick-up Points
  • Click & Collect
  • Last mile delivery


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