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Today, businesses have little-to-no transparency and control of customer experience post-sales during their operations processes (sourcing, warehousing, delivery, returns, repairs). This is exactly where we help.

parcelLab is the leading OX Platform for engaging post-sales experiences and communications. We enable brands, online retailers or distributors (B2C/B2B) to regain control over their end-to-end customer journey. Rather than losing the customer relationship to third parties like DHL, FedEx & Co., businesses retain all touchpoints in a curated manner within their own ecosystem. parcelLab thereby closes the experience gap in the post-sales customer journey. An automated communication allows consistent brand experience, proactive customer care and maximized cross-selling.

The cloud-based solution (SaaS) is built on a technology core for real-time monitoring of operations data to create transparency and predict issues post-sales. Highly customizable workflow automations enable supportive and engaging customer experiences.

Integration Overview

The main feature of cartridge is to transfer shipment and tracking information from SFCC to to our platform, in order to continue the parcelLab customer journey post sales.
This data export is implemented in two steps. At first the order and shipment information are exported right after placing the order. This data contains the order number, shipment number and the customer's data that is essential to communicate.
The second step contains the tracking data. Tracking information includes tracking number and carrier code. This step is needed because tracking information is filled usually a while after placing the order.

The other component of this cartridge is the order status page on the storefront where the shopper will be able to track the status of his order in real time. This page will be embedded on a storefront landing page which will have a content asset.
With this light-weight integration we are able to replace the generic carrier communication and bring the customer relation back to the brands. With the order status page that is integrated to the store front we bring back customers to the brand's online shop. And what is most important, we communicate only relevant information in a branded and personalized way to the end-customer.

Integration Features

  • Export of courier and tracking number
  • Integration of order status page to the customer store front
  • Transparent, branded and personalized communication to the end customer
  • Understanding the data we get from SFCC and the carriers