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Partnerize is the leader in partnership automation. The Partnerize platform is the only of its kind to deliver a fully integrated, comprehensive suite of discovery, recruitment, optimization, payment, brand safety and fraud prevention capabilities for marketers seeking a high transparency, scalable subsidy to alleviate pressure on their unit economics as a result of over dependence on primary sales and marketing channels.

Integration Overview

Partnerize brings clarity to the complexity with the partner marketing lifecycle, a construct that organizes the traditionally tedious tasks associated with managing partnerships into easily digestible modules: Discover, Track, Manage, Measure, Pay, Protect. By leveraging automated functionality across the lifecycle modules, marketers ensure that they are maximizing the benefits of the channel with minimal resource tax on their team.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud's Partnerize integration enables expedited partner program activation to quickly tap into the partner marketing lifecycle. Additionally, Partnerize has a LINK cartridge which allows brands to easily integrate partner program conversion and click tracking. This integration uses a 1st party cookie tracking solution via a Partnerize tag ensuring that conversion tracking is ITP (and equivalent) compliant.

Our cartridge implements Partnerize's tracking pixel onto your website that triggers at checkout and automatically reads the transactional data from Salesforce Commerce Cloud(SFCC), automating information delivery to Partnerize and eliminating complex integration and development work. In addition to conversion tracking, the integration supports the validation of conversions, based on the transaction statuses within SFCC.

Integration Features

  • Turnkey Partnerize conversion tracking integration.
  • ITP-compliant first party cookie tracking solution via Partnerize's LINK cartridge and Partnerize Tag.
  • Provides Commerce Cloud customers access to with an end-to-end partnership platform that automates traditionally tedious tasks associated with partner management to help find and convert target audiences at scale.
  • Partnerize conversion validation based on transaction status within SFCC.
  • Multi-locale and multi-currency support.
  • Futureproof tracking with Partnerize's LINK cartridge and the Partnerize Tag. A one-time, low-lift tech update that ensures uninterrupted partner channel tracking that protects your channel investment.
  • Rapidly deploy integrated technology solutions with one-click deployment on Partnerize's integrated tech solutions that speeds time to revenue.
  • Eliminated reliance on tech resources by configuring the Partnerize's LINK cartridge and the Partnerize Tag allows for dynamic, real-time changes to partner channel tracking.
  • Control over the consumer experience. Some ad blocking restrictions disable partner’s affiliate content from populating correctly and interrupt the consumer path to purchase—a poor consumer experience easily resolved with the Partnerize Tag.