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Give your digital commerce site the protection it deserves with PerimeterX Bot Defender for Salesforce Commerce Cloud. As a leading vendor of bot detection and prevention for commerce companies, PerimeterX is the only vendor to protect web, mobile, and API experiences with accuracy that is unmatched and in real time. Stopping automated attacks including price and content scraping, account takeover and credential stuffing, gift card fraud, shopping cart hoarding and abuse, and marketing fraud (click fraud and attribution abuse) is the core business of PerimeterX.

Named as one of Gartner's cool vendors in Unified Retail Commerce for 2017 and a leader in AI based security products, PerimeterX is trusted by premium brands in the Internet Retailer Top 200 who focus on apparel, footwear, home improvement, sporting goods, athleisure, toys, and other main stream categories. PerimeterX Bot Defender is a fully automated solution requiring minimum bandwidth from your team but brings big results.


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Integration Overview

PerimeterX offers protection for brands globally. We help eliminate bots from your analytics tools, stop them from accessing resources intensive parts of your website, and prevent them from abusing your APIs. Whether it is controllers or pipelines the PerimeterX Bot Defender cartridge is integrated seamlessly into your digital commerce site. Developers gain the ability to add PerimeterX with a few lines of code and business owners can control the solution directly via the Commerce Cloud Business Manager. Gain insight and intelligence on how your website is being accessed. Increase your confidence on big sales days such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday knowing that PerimeterX protects more billions of page views and mobile app requests daily.

Integration Features

  • Classification and blocking of malicious bots and all types of malicious automation automatically
  • Protection based on behavioral fingerprinting from hundreds of indicators gathered and analyzed so the bots can't hide
  • Customized threat responses including block, captcha challenges, and redirects (e.g. routing traffic to a waiting room or clearing the shopping cart)
  • Advanced reporting, and forensic capabilities
  • Real time granular visibility into sources and patterns of traffic through various dashboards
  • Whitelisting and blacklisting based on mulitple categories
  • Detailed logging available
  • Pipelines and controllers support
  • Business Manager integration